LC - FAQ about the Transfer of Last Chaos to Fawkes Games.

General Questions  
Can I continue playing the game in the future? Yes, the game will be relaunched by Fawkes Games. 
What happens with my game progress at gamigo? We will anonymize the data and hand it over to Fawkes Games. Fawkes Games will be able to restore your game progress after creating a new account. You will need a secret transfer-code to get your progress restored.
Where can I sign up for an account with Fawkes Games? Please visit the transfer-website ( and follow the steps described.
The account sign-up won't be possible until February 7, 2023.
What happens to all other channels, will they be transferred (e.g. Discord)? Fawkes Games is running their own discord, which you can visit already. (
Do I need evidence of my data in case of lost items? It's a good idea to keep a record of what you got and also take screenshots. However, we have no influence on how Fawkes Games will handle your requests.
My Account is banned, can it be still transferred? We are not sending e-mails to banned accounts.
What happens to my Last Chaos Cash / Iris Cash? Your balance will be transfered to Fawkes Games. However, Fawkes games may chose to use a different pricing for their item stores.
What will happen to my real money balance in gamigo? The real money balance cannot be transferred to the new service.
We recommend that you spend your balance before the game is closing at gamigo.
Transfer Code  
How do I get my secret Transfer Code? We will send the code via e-mail between the January 25 and January 31, 2023. Please check the e-mail adress registered with your gamigo account and make sure that you are able to receive the mail. 
I did not receive my Transfer Code. Who can help me? Please contact gamigo support as usual. We will need some information about your account to assist you. We will not hand out any transfer codes without confirmation that your request is legit and you are indeed the owner of the account that your are looking for.
Will players only receive the Transfer Code via mail or will it also be available on the website when logging in? No, we are only sending the Transfer Code via e-mail. If you have had received Newsletters before on your email, you should just be fine.
Will players who are not subscribed to the newsletter receive the transfer code via mail as well? You do not need to sign up for the newsletter, because this is a service notice. We will send it to all active players.
Will a player's data be transferred the moment the player enters the transfer code? This would be difficult if a player enters the code mid-January and continues to play until end of February on gamigo's server There is no overlap in the data. We will take final backups after closing the game, even if you already use your code earlier. There is no connection between Fawkes Games and our database and all data will be shared anonymously only.
Will players who have one gamigo account with two game accounts be able to transfer both game accounts? Yes, you will receive different Transfer Codes for each account.
Will there be a maximum number of accounts to be transferred per IP? We are not tracking your IP adresses to identify multi-accounts.
Content Updates and Maintenances  
Will there be a downtime with our server being closed and theirs not ready, or will there be an overlap where you can migrate before ours close? There is no overlap in the data. We will take final backups after closing the game, even if you already used your code earlier. There is no connection between Fawkes Games and our database and all data will be shared anonymously only.
Will it be necessary to use a new launcher? Yes, you will need to download and install a new game client.
Will the passwords be saved? No, you will need to sign up for a new account with Fawkes Games, where you will be able to set a new password while doing that.
Questions about the transfer of progress  
What progress can be transferred and what not? Please consult Fawkes Games support about this question. We are providing all information in an anonymous way but parts of it may be excluded by Fawkes Games for different reasons.
Is the data transfer really anonymous? Yes. We are not sharing any personal information but only anonymized game data. Without you signing up yourself with Fawkes Games and providing your information, there is no reference to you or your personal data.
I'm still feeling uncomfortable. Can I get my data deleted? Yes, you can get your account deleted following the standard process for account deletion. Also, we are offering special discounts and gifts for our other games. They are included as coupons / vouchers in the newsletter as well, so even if you are not going to transfer, the newsletter is worth taking a look.
My question is not listed here. We have collected many questions and tried to answer them all.
If your question is not listed, please contact the Fawkes Games support about this question.