Wolfteam - FAQ - Game closure and transfer

When will Wolfteam become unavailable?

 Servers will be shut down on 27th of October 2022.


What happens to my remaining Aeria Points?

You can use your remaining Aeria Points on any other game published by Aeria Games.


What will change?

Any Wolfteam platform currently run by gamigo will be closed down. This includes the website, customer support page, forums, social media channels, and Discord. Every service affecting Wolfteam including general game service, customer support and other publishing responsibilities will be managed by Neosonyx.


What will be transferred? 

You can transfer your previous data until 27th of January 2023.

  • Rank (Exp)
  • Characters
  • Weapons
  • Items
  • And so on

The below Information will not be transferred.

  • Gold
  • WC
  • Cash
  • Pride

The Wolfteam: Reboot on Steam will open by mid of November 2022.


When will the Data Transfer take place?

We will go into maintenance on 27th of October 2022 when the back-up of the game will be taken. Based on this data, the progress in the game will be transferred to Neosonyx. Anything after the maintenance on the 27th of October 2022 will not be saved and will not be transferred.


How can I register my account for the Data Transfer?

You are automatically included to data transfer, unless you are permanently banned. To complete the data transfer, you need your personal transfer token.


How do I receive my Transfer Token?

You will be able to look up your transfer token when logged in to your account on the game page. Please make sure that your e-mail information is up-to-date for the most convenient transfer experience.
Link https://wolfteam.aeriagames.com/


What happens if I don't want to transfer my data?

All transferred data is getting anonymized before the transfer happens. Neosonyx will not be able to identify you as long as you do not submit your token on their page. There will be no personal information included in the data. Independent of the transfer, you also always have the option to request an account deletion using the standard process.


Where can I use my transfer code?

Please go to the transfer site for more information on the transfer process.


Which accounts can be transferred?

Permanently banned accounts will be excluded from the transfer. All temporary bans will be lifted before the game is transferred.


Can I withdraw my agreement to use my personal data?

All data is transferred anonymized only. There will be no personal information included in the data. Independent of the transfer, you also always have the option to request an account deletion in your account profile.


When will my data be deleted if I don't register for an account transfer?

The game data will be deleted at gamigo after the transfer is completed. Your Aeria account remains valid, since this is independed from the game data, and you need the Aeria account to play other games. You can always request an account deletion for the Aeria account in your account profile.


When will social media channels and Customer Support close?

All social media channels as well as customer support for game inquiries will come to an end on 27th of October 2022.