FAQ - Forum

How do I log in?

You will find the button for logging into the forum (or registering) in the top right corner of your screen.

Do I need to create a new account, or will my existing Glyph / Aeria / GAS accounts work in the forum?

You will not be able to log in with your existing Glyph, Aeria, or GAS accounts, and you will have to create a new account (by following the “register” button on the top right of your screen) to use the forum. 

Where can I change the language of the forum & will I be able to see content from multiple languages?


Within the Control Panel (at the top of your screen) of your account, you will find an option called “Settings and Privacy”. 


Navigate to the “General” section in “Settings and Privacy” to change the language of your user interface in the forum.
Please note that this option has no effect on which content you will see.

In addition, you can decide to limit the visibility of the content you see to certain languages. By putting a checkmark (or multiple) in the “Multilingualism” section, you can choose the languages you would like to see content from.
Please note that the “Multilingualism” section will have no effect on the language of your user interface.

In general, you can switch between the forums of different games by simply navigating to them at the top of your screen.

How can I write private messages?


The “Conversations” button on top of your screen will lead you to a preview of your private messages/conversations. “Display All Conversations” will bring you an overview of all your conversations.
In this section, you can manage your conversations, start a new conversation(with one or multiple participants), or draft future messages.


Where can I change my avatar/cover photo/signature?

Navigate from your Control Panel to “Manage Your Account”, where you will find the location that allows you to change your profile’s avatar and signature:


In order to change the cover photo of your profile, navigate to “Edit Profile” in your Control Panel.

Are there any other forums planned?

We are always looking for ways to improve the user experience for our communities. If you would like to see a specific change, have a certain feature added, or just want to let us know your opinion, we’d love to hear your feedback and/or suggestions on our social media channels or on your game’s Discord server.