FAQ - Closed Beta

Q: How do I get access to the Closed Beta?

A purchase of one of the Founder's Packs will grant you access to the Closed Beta and any future game phases, including the full release.


Q: What's the goal for this testing phase?

During Closed Beta, we will introduce and test new features, update existing ones based on community feedback, and allow access to the game 24/7. Join now to start your adventure.


Q: Will access during Closed Beta be limited?

No, we intend to keep servers online 24/7, and only take them offline for maintenance and updates.


Q: Will characters and progress be wiped for Closed Beta?

Yes, all character data and progress from previous tests and Alpha Weekends will be wiped before Closed Beta launch.


Q: Will data and progress from Closed Beta carry over to launch?

No, all character data and progress achieved during Closed Beta will be wiped before launch.


Q: Am I allowed to stream and create content during the Closed Beta?

Yes, we invite everyone who wants to stream and create content to do so!


Q: How much will Close Beta cost?

Any purchase of the new Founder’s Packs, starting as low as 25.99 €/$, will grant you access to the Closed Beta, any future game phases and the full release. Check out the Founder’s Packs in our store and secure your 24/7 game access and exclusive in-game items.