Fractured - Glyph user account migration - FAQ

Q: Where can I download the Glyph Launcher?

A: You can download the Glyph Launcher for free here. (


Q: Will it be possible to use the Dynamight Launcher to start the game?

A: No, the Glyph Launcher will be the only way to start Fractured Online starting from Closed Beta launch.


Q: Why do I need to migrate my user account from Dynamight to Glyph?

A: Starting with the Beta phase, a Glyph account is required to play the game and make purchases in the Glyph store.


Q: Is my personal data safe?

A: Yes, of course! gamigo has been relentless in protecting your personal information. All your personal data - including game data – is handled in compliance with GDPR and protected by corresponding EU standard contractual clauses/SCC between us and our licensee. Additional information about gamigo's data protection can be found >>>here<<< 


Q: How long will the migration take?

A: The Glyph account migration process has been streamlined into a few simple steps. You’ll be ready to play Fractured Online on Glyph in no time at all.


Q: Is there a deadline to make the migration?

A: There is no deadline to migrate your account.


Q: When will the migration be available?

A: The migration will be available from Mar 30, 2022.


Q: What are the necessary steps to migrate?

A: Please follow these steps to start your account migration:

1. To start the migration to Glyph, go to Fractured Online's website.
2. You will be prompted to start the migration.


3. You will be then prompted to enter with your Dynamight account. Please ensure you're linking the correct account.


4. If you already have a Glyph account, you will be able to choose this option.


5. If you don't have a Glyph account, you will be prompted to read and accept Glyph's terms and conditions.


6. You will be prompted to complete your account by selecting your age and creating a new password.


7. You will be asked to enter your new Glyph account and prompted again to verify the account you wish to link.


8. Wait a few minutes for the migration to happen.


9. Migration complete!



In the case, you're encountering an issue:

10. If you encounter an error during the migration, please get in touch with Customer Support.
Be sure to provide as much information as possible and the error code for further assistance.
11. If the session has expired or ""Error 404 page not found"", please restart the migration once more, if this persists, please get in touch with Customer Support


Q: Can the account migration be reverted or linked to another account?

A: Once the migration to Glyph is complete, it will not be possible to revert and the account cannot be linked again. From the migration onward, Glyph will remain the sole launcher to play Fractured Online.


Q: Am I eligible for a refund if I decide not to migrate my account to Glyph?

A: No, you will not be eligible for a refund, as the game service is available for all customers.


Q: Do I keep Founder Packs, purchased previously through the Dynamight shop?

A: All your purchases made with your Dynamight account will be migrated to your Glyph account. This includes all content of purchased Dynamight Founder Packs, Tokens (Credits), Pets and other digital items.


Q: What if I already have an existing account on Glyph? Will I still be able to migrate?  

A: If that’s the case, you’re already halfway done! First you will log into Fractured Online and start the migration. As a step of the migration, you’ll see the option to link an existing Glyph account. When you select this option, you’ll be asked to log into Glyph with your Glyph account. Once you successfully complete the migration, you’ll be able to log in with your Glyph account.  


Q: Will my Dynamight account and payment settings stay the same on Glyph?  

A: You can use your existing Dynamight login name for Glyph login but will need to set a new password, all relevant account information will be migrated to your Glyph account. Your Dynamight store payment settings are not transfered to Glyph as part of the account migration. Please select from the many available payment options when making your first purchase in the Glyph store.


Q: When will I receive my Glyph currency after migrating to Glyph?  

A: Token balance from Dynamight purchases will be delivered immediately with the finalization of the Glyph account migration process. However, any digital purchases made with Tokens (Credits) will be available in game at a later stage.


Q: Where can I receive customer support after the migration? 

A:  Please visit for any support questions.