Payment Methods

Available payment methods: 


  • PayPal 
  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express 


  • Pay with Amazon 
  • PayPal (One-time Payment) 
  • Karma Koin 
  • Bank Transfer - Giropay 
  • Paysafe Prepaid Card 
  • Pay with Razer 

Upon account creation, the payment country is set automatically by the website. 

The available methods change depending on the payment country setting on your account.  

To ensure successful purchases, your geolocation, account country, and billing country must match. 

How to add a new payment method: 

  • Open the “Account” drop down menu
  • Click on Payment Methods
  • Click on “Add New Payment Method” 

Here you will not see all possible Payment Methods, only PayPal and CC. 

  • To see all possible methods, choose any product and choose to buy it
  • In the purchase confirmation screen, click on “Change Payment Method
  • Click on the “Other” tab (might take a few seconds to appear)