gamigo Account Guide

Gamigo account passwords vs. game account passwords

Please note that if you have registered via our website or via one of our gamigo game official websites, then access to the gamigo Account System is created automatically for you upon completing the registration.

In this case, the same login details were created for the gamigo account.

If you created your account directly via the gamigo website: and added your game accounts afterwards, then it could be that your account login details are different to those you will use for your game account.

Gamigo account names and passwords can be changed, however game account usernames cannot.


Changing your gamigo account password

When logged into your account, navigate to the ‘my gamigo’ section at the top right of the screen.

Once this tab has opened, select ‘Settings’ and then click ‘Login Data’.

Here you can input the desired password for the account.
Please note that you will need to enter the current account password to complete this step, so if you do not remember it, skip to the next section for steps on how to request a new one.

Once a new password has been set, it should be immediately activated for use when logging in again.

Requesting a new gamigo password

If you have forgotten your login details for the gamigo account system, and are unable to login to your account, you can request that a new password be sent to you via the gamigo login page:

Scroll to the end of the page via the link above and select ‘Forgot Your Password’.

In the dialogue box that appears, enter either the username or email address associated with the account you are attempting to recover.

You should then receive an email with a link to reset the password for your account.
We recommend ensuring that the account name that is stated in the email is the correct one, to avoid the password getting reset for another account.

If any of the above steps do not work for whatever reason, you can also get in touch with us directly.