User Guide: How to Contact Us

How to submit a request 

To submit a request, please navigate to the game title you play, and then select ‘Submit a request’ in the top right corner. 



Good to know: 
If your request is purely account related, then the best route is to get in touch via the ‘Account Support’ form. 
However, if you are contacting us specifically because of an in-game issue; the best route is to select the game you play and navigate the respective contact form following the same steps detailed above.  


Payment related requests 

If you need help with a purchase or are experiencing any purchase related difficulties, pleach reach out to us using the ‘Account Support’ Form. 
When doing so, simply select ‘Purchase Issues’ as your support category from the drop-down menu when you are submitting your request. 


Tips for ticket submission 

  • We recommend submitting your request using the email that is associated with the account – should you not have access to it for whatever reason, please let us know in your request.  
  • When submitting a request, please provide as much relevant information as possible, while keeping the message brief and concise, as this will help us better process your request.
  • If there are multiple things you need help with, please be sure to separate these into more than one ticket. 
  • Should your request be more complex in nature, screenshots can help us to get a better understanding of the issue you are experiencing. These can be easily attached these when submitting a request, just make sure that your screenshots are clear and show the full game screen (or the entire game interface) and that they are JPEG or PNG format. 

Tracking open requests 

When you are logged into the site, you can view all your open requests easily. 

Simply navigate to ‘My Activities’ in the top right corner of the site. You are also able to respond to us directly here, instead of via email. 


Supported Languages 

We offer support in English, French and German. 
Any requests, which are sent in another language, will be answered in English.  

The above does not apply to Desert Operations or Wargame 1942 as these games will continue to offer multi-language support.