FAQ: Game Data Transfer ArcheAge/ArcheAge Unchained

To assist with any questions you may have regarding the Game Transfer that is upcoming for ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained, we have forwarded relevant topics to XLGames. Below you can find a list of answers that have been provided. Have a question that wasn't asked? Feel free to leave us your questions in this thread!

Q: What is a Data Transfer?
A: To transfer data means to transfer large data from one party to another. In this instance, it means transferring data concerning ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained from gamigo games to Kakao Games, the new publisher.

Q: What does this mean?
A: The service contract between gamigo and XLGames ends on December 1, 2021, and will not be renewed. This means that gamigo and its affiliated subcompanies will no longer be in charge of or involved with any live operation concerning ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained. This will be managed by its new publisher Kakao Games directly. If you want to keep playing your favorite game after December 1, you must apply your unique transfer code listed in your account section of Glyph to a newly created Kakao Games account.

Q: What Data is included in this Transfer?
A: Included Data in this transfer is only anonymized game progress, potential credit balances as well as remaining days of patron service.

Q: What will change?
A: Any ArcheAge platform currently run by gamigo will be closed down. This includes the website, customer support page, forums, social media channels, and Discord. Every service affecting ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained including general game service, customer support and other publishing responsibilities will be managed by Kakao Games.

Q: When will the Data Transfer take place?
A: We will go into maintenance on November 18 when the back up of the game will be taken. Based on this data, the progress in the game will be transferred to the new publisher. Anything after the maintenance on the 18th of November will not be saved and will not be transferred to the new publisher.

Q: How can I register my account for the Data Transfer?
A: You are automatically included to data transfer, unless you are permanently banned. You will receive an e-mail notification including a secret transfer code. Please make sure that your e-mail information is up to date for the most convenient transfer experience. You will also be able to look up your transfer code within the account section of Glyph. A detailed guide will be published as soon as the transfer service is functional.

Q: What happens if I don't want to transfer my data?
A: All transferred data is getting anonymized before the transfer happens. Kakao Games will not be able to identify you as long as you do not submit your code on their page. There will be no personal information included in the data. Independent of the transfer, you also always have the option to request an account deletion using the standard process.

Q: How much time do I have to apply my code to Kakaos transfer page?
A: The application of the transfer code to the Kakao page will be available for more than half a year from the beginning of the transfer, and you can check the exact end of the application day on the Kakao Games transfer site.

Q: Which accounts can be transferred?
A: Permanently banned accounts will be excluded from the transfer. All temporary bans will be lifted before the game is being transferred.

Q: When will the Customer Support/Forum/Discord close?
A: The forum will become "read-only" mode on December 1, 2021. The forum and our Discord will be closed at a later date. CS support for game inquiries (item restoration, etc.) will come to an end on November 18.

Q: Help! I have purchased ArcheAge: Unchained through Steam! Can I still transfer?
A: If you have linked your Steam account with a valid Glyph account, you will be able to receive a transfer code.

Q: Can I withdraw my agreement to use my personal data?
A: All transferred data is getting anonymized before the transfer happens. There will be no personal information included in the data. Independent of the transfer, you also always have the option to request an account deletion using the standard process.

Q: When will my data be deleted if I don't register for an account transfer?
A: The game data will be deleted at gamigo after the transfer is completed. Your glyph account remains valid, since this is independed from the game data and you need the Glyph account to play other games. You can always request an account deletion for the glyph account using the standard procedure.

Q: Can I still purchase Packs on Glyph, Patron, Paid Character Transfers, Paid Name Changes, and Credits?
A: You can use all offers until they are getting removed from the stores. Offers become unavailable on November 18.

Q: Can I get a refund for ArcheAge: Unchained, its DLCs, Credits and Patron for ArcheAge?
A: You will be able to continue playing the game at the new publishers service.

Q: What happens to my remaining Patron time?
A: The new publisher is receiving information about your remaining days of patron.

Q: What happens to my remaining Credits?
A: The new publisher is receiving information about your remaining credit balance.

Q: Can I still use the Marketplace in-game?
A: The Marketplace will close on November 18, until then you can still use it.

Q: What are the links to the new Social Media pages/services?
A: The links are as follows:

Q: Will my account continue to be linked to Twitch after the transfer?
A: Twitch is linked with your glyph account and the link works for multiple games which we offer. Nothing will change there unless you do changes yourself. However, the link to ArcheAge will not be functional, because the game will not be operated via glyph anymore.

Q: What happens to my forum posts?
A: Your forum posts will get deleted after closing the forums.

Q: What about the current #gamigoween contests? Will I still get my reward(s)?
A: Yes, you will. The winners on ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained will be announced and rewards send out before November 18.

Q: Will the winner of the Akasch Invasion Costume Contest have their work released? Will they get it for free?
A: The winner has, as announced, gotten their costume rewarded for free.

Q: Will I lose my land(s)? If so, will there be a Land Rush?
A: All players will have no land at the beginning. There will be a land rush, but the time and date has to be determined yet.

Q: What will happen to the items I placed in my house(s) or on my farm(s)?
A: Furniture items in your home will be returned to you via the standard demolition process, and that includes items in chests. Livestock and plants, however, will not be recovered.

Q: If a house is unbuilt or in the process of being built, is it returned as a full kit?
A: It is not returned as a kit. Only fully completed houses are returned as a full kit. Unbuilt houses will return the design but not the materials.

Q: I'm aging my packs, will they be transferred over during the transfer?
A: No, Tradepacks placed in the world will not be carried over. The team recommends turning them in before the server transfer takes place.

Q: Will I need to recreate my guild?
A: Yes, you will need to recreate your guild after the transfer.

Q: Will my Guild be reset to level 1?
A: Yes. However, Guild Leaders will also receive Guild Contribution items and Guild Ribbons to restore their Guild Level. These ribbons will be bound and guild level specific: A level 2 ribbon will move a guild from level 1 to 2. Additionally, the Guild Leader will receive Oath Ribbons to make up for any experience that you may have had prior.

Q: Will I need to recreate my family?
A: No, family names will be removed due to PII (personal identifiable information) issues, but family members and size will remain.

Q: How will Kakao Games prevent hacking to claim land once the transfer is complete and servers open?
A: They will be monitoring servers closely. Anyone who abuses an exploit or uses a “land hack” will find their house swiftly demolished, and their account will receive a punishment determined by the Customer Service team.

Q: What will happen to my UCC Items?
A: The team will try to keep UCC images however, Crest Inks will be replaced with Bound Crest Brainstorms if a UCC is applied to it, otherwise will provide 5g per item. UCC Crest Stamps will be replaced with a Memory Ink, UCCs applied to items will not be preserved.

Q: During the Land Rush, will the housing areas be put into Peace?
A: No, the housing areas will not be put into peace during the Land Rush.

Q: After the transfer, how long will my items last?
A: There is no limit for anything you are wearing, anything in your inventory, or anything in your warehouse. However, items returned to you by mail (unopened) will last 1 year in your mailbox. Opened mail will last 6 months.

Q: If players with the same names are moved onto the same new server, who gets to keep their name?
A: Character names will be anonymized before the transfer. You may find yourself with a different random name though.

Q: Will there be a priority system in place for logins?
A: On ArcheAge: Unchained, no, there is no priority. However, on ArcheAge Free-to-Play servers, there is a priority queue for Patrons.

Q: Will AFK Kick be enabled on the new servers?
A: No, AFK Kick will not be enabled on the transferred Servers.

Q: Will new character creation be closed prior to the transfer period?
A: No. The game progress will be taken by November 18. Any changes to your account after that date will be ignored during the transfer.

Q: Will I keep all of my in-game mails?
A: No. Mails and personal messages will not be kept since they may include private information. For data protection reasons, mails will be excluded from the transfer.

Q: What happens to my friend list?
A: Your friends list will be wiped during the transfer process, though you will be able to add your friends once again after the transfer is complete!

Q: What happens to my custom teleport list?
A: Your custom teleport list will be wiped in order to make sure no one has an advantage when claiming land on the server. The main teleport points in the game (dungeons, cities, etc.) will remain intact.

Q: Will all pirates be converted back to their original faction during the transfer period so that they can participate in the land rush as was initially the case on a fresh server?
A: Pirates remain the same. This transfer is a similar to server evolution, so the Pirates faction does not return to the original faction.

Q: Will there be compensation for players from Kakao Games for the circumstances of this transfer?
A: There will be compensation for the downtime. Details will be provided in near future.

Q: What will happen to Arena Rankings?
A: Arena rank information will be reset.

Q: What happens if after the transfer there will be more than 2 characters available on a server?
A: All characters are transferred, but if there are more chracters than the maximum slots, some of characters won't displayed on the screen, and undisplayed characters will be display whenever delete any characters. Therefore, it is recommended to adjust the characters to maximum number before transfer.

Q: What will happen if I have an on-going character deletion?
A: On-going character deletion is maintained, and the on-going time continues to flow. When the on-going time expires, the character will be deleted.

Q: Will my Farmhand's level reset due to the account transfer?
A: No, your Farmhand will remain the same level and XP will remain the same after the transfer.

Q: Will my Farmhand lose its weekly Vigor?
A: Yes, the Weekly Vigor will be reset on Farmhands.

Q: As a hero, will I lose my rank?
A: Yes, Heroes will be removed and no Heroes will be on the council until the next election cycle. Current heroes will be granted a Glorious Armor Crate manually, and all Hero Cloaks will be removed.

Q: Will those that exiled remain on the same faction or will they return to their original faction?
A: Exiles do not get sent back to their original faction.

Q: Is all Leadership reset, and will the Leadership board also be reset? And following that, will there be Hero elections, or will there be a month of no heroes?
A: The Leadership Board and Leadership Points (past and current) will be reset. Additionally, there will be a time of no heroes until the next election period.

Q: Touching on heroes, does that mean all Castles are being wiped and thus, having 0 Castles until the next term begins?
A: Yes, due to the time of no heroes - there will not be the ability to build castles until new Heroes are elected.

Q: Will Auroria Land Rush be the same time as East/West Land Rush, or will it be staggered?
A: The Auroria Landrush will not be staggered and will happen at the same time as the normal Land Rush.

Q: What happens to Prestige?
A: For every 100 Prestige, players will receive a Contribution Reward. Your prestige points will be rounded up to the nearest 100 value.

Q: Will there be restrictions on how many houses and farms you can have?
A: No, there is no limit to how many houses or farms you can have.

Q: Will Beanstalks be disabled for the land rush?
A: No, it is not possible to disable the placement of a single type of design - including Beanstalks Mansions.

Q: Will Diamond Shores Bases need to be rebuilt?
A: Yes.

Q: What will happen to Castle Payouts that would be rewarded get in the weeks after?
A: During the transfer, the Castle Payouts will be settled.

Q: What about lost Bonds that went to the Community Center?
A: Bonds paid to the Community Center are non-refundable, but the prestige earned through the contribution will be used to settle the residential area fee at the time of transfer.

Q: Will the login rewards be affected on ArcheAge Free-to-Play?
A: The login tracker of the legacy server will no longer be carried out and will be opened as an event at a certain time.