Player Report Guidelines

Where do I submit a player report?

Please note that it is only possible to report players for in-game events and not for any actions that took place outside the game.

To submit a player report, please follow the link below:


Can I report a player for something that happened on the Forums or Discord?

We advise getting in touch with the community managers or moderators to report any incidents that took place outside of the game.


What type of evidence is required?

Please note that when submitting a request, there must be evidence provided of the incident in the form of either a screenshot or video.

The evidence provided should be a clear indicator that there has been a violation of the Terms of Use or Game Rules.

The evidence provided should be:

  • Fullscreen and display the entire game interface
  • Unedited
  • The player in question must be identifiable
  • Must be directly from the game

A screenshot is required for reports pertaining to text and visuals (i.e., Chat, names, images etc.).

A video is required for reports pertaining to action (i.e., Bug abuse, exploits, bots, cheating etc.)


Which files are permitted?

To submit a screenshot, you can upload an image file (JPEG or PNG) or provide us with the image link.

To submit a video, please attach a download link.

Video download links should be from a file hosting platform or any other secure portal.
The download must be accessible to download without the need to login.

Please note that links to Youtube or Twitch videos are not permitted.


Can I report more than one player at the same time?

No, please only submit one report per incident.


What happens after I submit a report?

Our Team will review the report and take the necessary actions to resolve it as soon as possible.

Please note that we do not disclose the outcome of our investigations, nor the actions taken due to our Data Protection Policy.


What happens to the data that I submitted?

The data that was included in your report (excluding the evidence) will be stored until the review is completed.

Thereafter, it will be automatically deleted.


Will the player in question be informed that I reported them?

No, the player in question will not be informed who submitted the report.


Will the player in question be able to see the evidence I provided?

No, the evidence you attach will not be shared with anyone.


Is it possible to shorten the video I recorded?

Yes, you may shorten the video as needed if it is too long.
Alternatively, you can simply note the relevant time stamp in your request description.


Can a report be cancelled once it is sent?

Once a report is submitted it cannot be deleted or withdrawn.
Due to this, please make sure all the information provided in your report is correct.