Echo of Soul - Summer Update


The Blue wave builds and surges towards the golden shores of the Stingray Islands, bringing new and exciting content! July 7, 2021 marks the beginning of the summer season in the realm of Echo of Soul! Here's what you can expect:


Stingray Islands: Echo of Soul very own Summer Map with golden sand beaches and monsters to crush! Watermelon Island and Giant Pori are some of the monsters waiting for you, but there'll be mysteries to unravel in the Hidden Underwater Cave and Treasure Map too.


New Weapon Costumes - Weapon of Light: A new set of Weapon Costumes with special effects have been added to the cash shop. This gift from an ancient order can be upgraded to an Ascended Weapon of Light and become even more powerful. Don't forget to explore the possible combinations with the Magic Costume, and you'll unlock the full extent of the costume set.


Mysterious Merchant Pepe’s Summer Coupon Shop: Your favorite merchant has you covered with some of the coolest rewards for all the Stingray Island beachgoers! Weapon of Light, Summer Night and Midsummer Illusion are some of the Lamps you can cash your Pepe's Summer Coupons for.


Come around and experience the Echo of Soul Summer Update! Curious about more details? There's a Patch Note full of insights about this game update.