Consuming an APEX and received no credits?

At times there can also be issues with consuming multiple APEX at the same time one after another which can result in Credits not being added to your account. 

Should you consume an APEX and not recieve Credits, please log-out of ArcheAge completley and allow up to one hour to pass before logging back into your account.

If your Credits are still uncounted for, please proceed by writing a ticket to Customer Support and ensure to detail the following:

  • The approximate time (date and time) of APEX consumption
  • How the APEX was acquired
  • The number of APEX consumed

After we recieve this information Customer Support will be able to investigate reimbursement of the Credits you would usually have recieved through consuming the APEX.

Please note that you may not be able to view your Credits using your Glyph profile due to browser issues. Therefore we ask that players log into their Glyph profiles using an alternative web browser or clearing its cache before contacting Customer Support.