20th gamigo anniversary


1. Where can I see the active events in my game?

You can check the events of your favorite game at the gamigo 20th Anniversary web page. 

  • Go to "Our games"
  • Select the corresponding game
  • Scroll down to the heading "Anniversary Events"
  • Click on the button “Click here”

2. What is the "Current Tier Progress"?

The more we sell the more we share, cool right? Every time we reach a certain amount of anniversary packages sold everyone will receive a reward in their favorite game!

3. Where can I see the offers for my game?

Go to the gamigo 20th Anniversary web page, select your game, and there you will find the special packages we are offering for the anniversary.

4. How does the ranking work?

During the anniversary we will have a lot of events! In-game challenges, screenshots events and voucher codes! Participating in any of these events can grant you Anniversary Points. If you gather a lot of anniversary points you can be displayed in the ranking.

Once the Anniversary is over, we will reward the players shown in the ranking with amazing prizes! On top of that, we will select the top 10 players from every game for our Anniversary raffle where you can win awesome gaming devices and a lot of virtual currency for your game.

5. Where can I see the rewards for my game?

You can check your game page on the gamigo 20th Anniversary web page for information on the tier rewards. Every game will additionally be publishing the rewards on their usual channels.

6. Can I purchase multiple packages?

Absolutely! Every time you buy a package it will count towards the "Anniversary tier bar" the higher tier you reach the bigger everyone’s reward will be!

7. I bought a package, but I don’t see any change on the "Anniversary progression bar" is there something wrong?

The "Anniversary progression bar" will be updated once per hour.

8. Why is my name not fully displayed?

To protect your privacy, all names are covered. If you want your full name to be visible to everyone, just use the "show my name" code published on your game on the usual channels. This process is not instant, please be patient while your request is being processed. Keep in mind that by using that code you are agreeing to have your full name shown on the ranking.

9. Can I gift or transfer a package to someone?

What a generous idea! Unfortunately, it is not possible to gift or transfer a package to another player. You could always encourage your friends and family to purchase the package themselves and then you reimburse them. 😊

10. What if I did not receive my items?

Please follow the usual steps via customer support to solve your case.

11. I bought the wrong package; can I change it for another?

Please be careful when choosing the package, they can’t be exchanged. We encourage you to carefully review your choices before finalizing any purchase!

12. Can I change my name displayed on the ranking?

No, unfortunately, it can’t be changed.

13. If I am a console player for Trove or Defiance, can I purchase these packages on console?

Unfortunately, not. You can only purchase these packages for the PC version of each game.

14. What is the refund policy?

Please check the AGB's or T&C for detailed information.

15. Do my purchases count towards other events and promotions running in my game?

Yes, they do!

16. How many games are participating?

There are 19 games participating in this special Event. Find them all at the Gamigo 20th Anniversary web page.