Report A Player

How do I report a player in ArcheAge or ArcheAge: Unchained?

Should you want to report a player for violating our code of conduct, you must provide us with evidences that the incident occurred.

Due to company policies, we have certain requirements depending on the type of violation you want to report. You can find the details below.

When is a screenshot enough?

A full-screen unedited screenshot is needed when reporting the following violations:

  • Chat abuse (Insults, harassment, hate speech, etc.)
  • Inappropriate item, guild or player names (Mounts, Vehicles, Pets, Houses, etc.) - Make sure the screenshots show the name of the owner
  • Inappropriate images (Any Crest item) - Make sure the name of the owner is visible (You can do so by clicking on the item and hovering your mouse over the item’s name)

In-game screenshots can be taken by pressing F9 or F12 if you are playing on Steam

When is a video required?

A short full-screen unedited video of maximum 30 seconds footage is required when reporting the following violations:

You can shorten the recorded video to the essential relevant part to make it easier for us the process your report fast enough. The length of the video should not be longer than 30 seconds.


The files to the ticket cannot be attached to the ticket, how can I send them to Support?

If the files can not be attached to the ticket, you can use a safe file host such as Google Drive or WeTransfer and send us the download links. Make sure that we can access the files and save them from the link you give us. For this reason, we do not accept Twitch or Youtube links alone.


None of the violations have been listed above, what evidence should I provide?

For any other type of violation, please provide any information you have. Those reports will be reviewed case by case and if further information is needed, you will be informed.


Will the reported player know that I submitted a report?

In accordance to our privacy policies, the reported player will not be informed of who reported them. Any information you send us and the content of the ticket are kept private.