Can Customer Support assist with unbinding an item that was accidentally soulbound by mistake?

We understand mistakes can happen and it can be easy to soulbound an item on accident. Customer support will attempt to restore items that have been accidentally soulbound if reported to us within 72 hours of binding the item to your character.

 Please provide the following information in your support ticket:

  • The name of the item
  • The exact time and date when it happened
  • The character and the server name that has the bound item

Following a CS investigation, if it is confirmed the item can be unbound without changing the stats, we will provide a replacement unbound version of the item.

However, in any of the below situations, we may not be able to unbind the item:

  • The request was made 72 hours or more after the item was originally bound
  • A CS investigated and verified the item was intended to be soulbound when looted/received
  • You have requested restorations too many times or too frequently in the past