My Mailbox contents was deleted, How can I get them restored?

Mails are automatically deleted after 3 months. Restorations are not possible after more than 12 months.

Nevertheless, as a One Time Courtesy we are willing to restore you your the Scarecrow Farms obtained through quests, Gilda Stars or credits, as well as the other items you purchased with credits.


To have these items restored please provide us with a list of the Scarecrows you are missing ensuring to detail the following:

  • Name of the Scarecrow Farm (Quest: name of the quest)
  • Name of the Scarecrow Farm (Gilda Stars: a full and unedited screenshot of the message you get when you try to purchase it again, saying that you reached the limit)
  • Name of the Scarecrow Farm (Credits: Order/ Transaction ID and their date of purchase)


Furthermore, please provide Customer Support with a list of the other items you purchased with credits that you are missing with their respective Order/Transaction ID. Make sure to list only the items you are missing, not every item ever purchased with credits.

In order for Customer Support to process such a request it is vital that we are contacted within 72 hours of the deletion of the mailbox contents.