Missing items and suspected hack: can I have my items restored?

My account was hacked, and the hacker deleted some items. How should I proceed to have my items restored?

It is important that you contact Customer Support as soon as you suspect that your account has been compromised. Customer Support will then proceed to verify your ownership to the account.

If you manage to prove that you are the original owner of the account, Customer Support will ask you to provide a new email address and to update your account security questions to give you back access to your account.

After receiving access back to your account and realize your items are lost from this incident, you should contact Customer Support for a possible restoration.

Please include the following information in your report to help process your request as fast as possible:

  • If possible, please provide us as much details as possible regarding your situation
  • Provide us with a list of the items you purchased with credits with their respective order/transaction ID and their date of purchase which you will find on your website account management under ‘transactions’ (Here it is important to note to make sure to list only the items you are missing, not every item ever purchased with credits)


In this case, the restoration of items will be granted to you as a one-time courtesy.

Can Customer Support restore all types of item in this situation?

Unfortunately, no. Customer Support will only be able to restore items purchased with credits.

It is important to note that players are responsible for their own account security, and therefore, for their own item’s loss.