I deleted or lost my Equipment Awakening Scrolls Rank 3: can I have them restored?



It is important to note that each character will be granted a total of 11x Equipment Awakening Scrolls Rank 3. This will allow you to upgrade one full set of equipment to Hiram for each of your characters.

Unlike Equipment Awakening Scrolls Rank 1 and 2 that can be purchased in unlimited quantities at the General Merchant, Equipment Awakening Scrolls Rank 3 are restricted to a number of 11 and can only be obtained by completing the main quests once.

This is intended to enable each character to have only one set of equipment upgraded to Hiram and to ensure a fair gaming experience.

Nevertheless, if you deleted, lost or salvaged one or several Equipment Awakening Scrolls Rank 3 and wish to have it/them restored, please contact Costumer Support within 72 hours after the date of deletion or suspected date of disappearance from your inventory. Customer Support might be able to restore them as one-time courtesy.

Please do not forget to provide Customer Support with the exact name, quantity and date of deletion of the scroll you wish to have restored.

Please note that if you contact Customer Support outside of 72 hours, Customer Support may deny you assistance and/or be unable to assist you to restore your Equipment Awakening Scrolls Rank 3.