What is the ArchePass?

Say goodbye to the Vocation, Combat, and Equipment Passes, and say hello to a single seasonal ArchePass! Indeed, instead of having three (3) different ArchePasses per season, there is now only 1 (one) to follow. Moreover, instead of having 45 Tiers, this new ArchePass has 20 Tiers, with more exciting rewards.

One thing remains the same: you will still have the choice between two Passes: a Basic Pass and a new Seasonal Pass, with reworked rewards! These changes will apply with the ArchePass Season 5 “Pumpkin Pass” that starts today. Login today and discover it all!

Now, what are the differences between the old and new ArchePass System?



This ArchePass had three different Pass types, with a fourth default if none of the other Passes were appealing (or are complete!) that gave rewards based around their type.

Each Pass type had a maximum of 45 available levels, with each level granting rewards for reaching them.

The ArchePass is the center point of ArcheAge: Unchained and is the sole method of obtaining Diligence Coins, which are used to purchase Mounts, Pets, Gliders, and various kinds of cool items!

The ArchePass is a tier-system program rewarding you regularly.

Now, there is only one Seasonal Pass that will be changed regularly. This Pass has a maximum of 20 levels, with each level granting rewards for reaching them. These levels can be reached by completing quests such as Use Labor or Kill Monsters which grant ArchePass XP and Diligence Coins!

Basic Pass:

The Basic Pass was an introduction to the ArchePass and a useful alternative if the other Passes weren’t appealing enough to a player.

It had quests that fit all of the archetypes and offered rewards that took into account all different kinds of players.

The rewards included Honor Point potions, Labor Rechargers, and Vocation Point potions as well as premium rewards offering Gilda Stars.

Basic Pass:

The Basic Pass of the ArchePass will remain the same and continue to offer rewards that take into account the various archetype players. The rewards can include Gilda Stars, Potions, items to temper your gear, and other useful consumables.

Vocation Pass:

The Vocation pass had quests that characterized the lifestyle of crafting and farmer type players such as Use Labor and Gain EXP, as well as granting items that were useful for these kinds of players such as boosts to Vocation Point acquisition.

Seasonal Pass:

In addition to the Basic Pass, the single ArchePass has a premium track that offers more great cosmetic rewards, such as Labor Rechargers, Upgrade Tickets, Expansion Scrolls, and Diligence Coins.

Diligence Coins will allow you to grab some Mounts, Pets, and other cool items from the Diligence Store!

The Premium Rewards path will level up at the same time with the Basic Rewards Path, so even if you decide to upgrade to the premium path later, you’ll still get the rewards!

If you want to get more from your Seasonal Pass, you can upgrade the Basic Rewards to Premium Rewards by getting an ArchePass Upgrade Ticket from the Marketplace for 1500 Credits.


The Combat pass had quests that accompany the lifestyle of players who enjoy the thrill of combat with quests such as Kill Monsters and Kill Players.

The rewards from this Pass matched this lifestyle and granted items that complemented the lifestyle with Kyrios Badges and boost to Honor Point gain.

Equipment Pass:

The Equipment Pass had quests that suited the lifestyle of players who enjoy the gearing up process and expanding their arsenal, with quests such as Synthesize Items or Temper Equipment.

The rewards from this Pass included Honor Point potions that helped players upgrade their gear and potions for Loot Drop Rate.