Once you score that perfect piece of gear, you can still squeeze out some extra power from it! Eden Eternal offers three main ways of upgrading equipment: fortifying it, adding a gem to it, and enchanting it.


Any weapon or piece of armor can be fortified to enhance its core stats and add extra buffs. Each level of fortification will increase its potency, and Levels 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 will add extra attributes!

To fortify a weapon, you'll need a fortification scroll. These can be found throughout the game or purchased in the Item Mall. Right-click the scroll in your inventory to open the fortification window. It will display which boosts you'll get at each level of fortification.



Place the fortification scroll, the item to be fortified, and any special items you may have (such as crystals from the Item Mall that will increase the chance of the fortification's success) into the window and click Confirm. It's that easy!


Note: Items with zero durability cannot be fortified. They must first be repaired. Fortunately, any weapon or armor merchant can repair items easily and cheaply!


Think before you fortify! Fortification can be risky. If the process fails, your item WILL be destroyed. We strongly recommend using special items to boost your chance of success or protect the item from damage.






Some weapons and armor contain slots, also called sockets. These slots let you embed magical gems or runes in your equipment. Gems and runes can be purchased in Aven or dropped by monsters. They can add a wide variety of effects to an item. If your item does not have a slot, buy a chisel from the Item Mall and drill a slot yourself!

How To Add A Socket

You can't embed a gem into an item if the item doesn't have a socket. However, not every item comes with sockets. If you want to add a gem to an unslotted item, buy a chisel from the Item Mall. Right-click the chisel in your inventory, then select the equipment you want to socket. Take care, however--when drilling a socket, success is not guaranteed.

How To Add A Gem

To inlay a gem, right-click it, then click the item you'd like to add it to. It's as easy as that! If the equipment meets the proper requirements, there is no chance of failure.

Enchanting your Weapons



The last way to beef up your gear is by enchanting it. Enchanting adds totally new attribute bonuses or effects to an item. To perform an enchantment, you must first obtain a rune. These can by dropped by monsters or purchased in Aven.

Enchanting is so powerful, however, it can't be performed on just anything--only items Lv15 or above can be enchanted. Additionally, you can only enchant an item once. If you enchant it again, the previous enchantment will be replaced.

There is no risk of failure or damage to your equipment when enchanting.


How To Enchant Your Gear

Unlike embedding gems, enchanting does not require a slot or socket. Simply right-click the rune you'd like to use, then click the piece of equipment you'd like it applied to.