PvE and Quests

 The world of Eden Eternal is as dangerous as it is beautiful, and there are hundreds seeking the aid of an Eternal Guardian. These NPCs will give you quests and rewards to help you on your wait to becoming a mighty champion for good. Besides, what's the point of being a hero if you don't get to save the day now and again?

Completing quests for NPCs is the primary way to level your character and progress deeper into the game. While it's not recommended to stop and smell the roses, it IS recommended to stop and and slay the beasties.

Don't shy away from quests that seem especially challenging--questgivers will only offer quests that are within your level range. Additionally, you can always share quests with an ally or three if you think you need some backup.


Quest Icon

When a character has a quest for you, a golden question mark will appear above that NPC's head. Speak to the NPC to learn about their quest, then click Accept if you decide you're up for it.

When the quest is complete, the question mark icon will become:


Quest Tracker



The right side of your screen displays a list of your current quests. This is your handy quest log. You can move it around and resize it at any time. However, it only shows a brief summary of your quest information. To get all the details, you also have a complete quest tracker at your command!

Access your quest tracker by pressing the L key in-game, then read the detailed instructions for all of your quests and their objectives.

The left-hand image above is your quest tracker. It can even remind you of where your next targets are if you forget! Just click the Find icon next to an objective, and your character will automatically run there (unless there are significant obstacles).

If you have a Portal Stone in your inventory, click the "Use Portal Stone" option in your quest tracker. Next time you press the Find button, your character will say, "Obstacle, schmobstacle!" and immediately teleport to the quest location, regardless of what's in the way. Very useful!

The quest tracker will also alert you to quests you haven't accepted yet--just go to the Unaccepted Quests tab. If you're unsure of what to do next, this amazing tool will tell you which quests in your level range you have not accepted yet, as well as where to find them!


Summon Scrolls



If you're itching for a fight, but don't feel like going out of your way, summoning altars allow you to summon a variety of monsters to use as punching bags! Purchase summon scrolls from a Summoning Merchant, then take them to a nearby summon altar to perform the ritual.

Be sure to read carefully, though--all scrolls will inform you of the strength of the monster and the rewards you'll receive from slaying it.

Once you've summoned a monster at an altar, there will be a brief countdown before the monster appears and attacks. Don't let your guard down!





Early on in your adventures as an Eternal Guardian, you will be awarded a personal companion. These pets can be summoned by right-clicking their icon in your inventory or by equipping them to your character. Once summoned, they can pick up your loot for you, give you a passive buff, or even take your side in battle!

More exotic and powerful pets can be purchased at any time in the game's Item Mall, allowing you to find the perfect companion suited to your style of play.