Map Interface

Eden Eternal takes place in a vast world with a variety of terrain. The more you explore, the more valuable you'll find the Minimap, Region map, and World map to help you navigate.


The Minimap displays in the top-right of your screen and shows your character's current position, the immediate area, and any important landmarks or NPCs nearby. Multiple shortcut buttons ring the map, so you can quickly open new functions or windows, such as the Fortification interface and the Arena queue.

Minimap Shortcut Buttons

Icon Function Icon Function
Region Map Crystal Alchemy
Zoom In/Out Crafting
Titles Fortification
Reputation Event Board
Achievement Battlefields
Archive Rankings
Mail System    



Map Legend

The Minimap and Region map both use the same icons to indicate important NPCs and landmarks so you can locate merchants, portals, etc. as quickly as possible.

Icon Function Icon Function
Player Location Region Search
Party Member Merchant: Mounts
Lover's Location Warp Portal (Multiple Locations)
Portal (Single Location) Auctioneer
Merchant: General Available Quest
Merchant: Weapons Quest Target
Merchant: Armor Soul Guardian


Region Map

The Region map makes navigation easy by showing you a bigger, more detailed picture than the Minimap.

Region Search: NPCs And Monsters

Sometimes quest targets can be difficult to find, but never fear! Performing a regional search using the drop-down search menus to the right of the Region map will show you exactly where a monster or NPC is located. Click the Auto-Route button to run directly to them.


Filtering Icons

If your screen is cluttered with icons and you're not sure where to go; or you want a nice, clean map screenshot for a fansite; or a Merchant icon is covering a Quest icon, feel free to filter your icons by deselecting what you don't want to see. This will clear your Region map of any and all unused or unwanted icons.