Character Creation

Once you download and install the Eden Eternal client, you are ready to jump in the game! Simply open the game client and follow these steps to create a character on your new Eden Eternal account.

Logging In


Once the client loads and you click Start Game, you are taken to the log in screen. Enter your Aeria Games account name and password and click Log In.




Creating a Character


Once you have logged in, the game will automatically take you to character creation!

Select a gender then then customize your character's hair style and color, facial features, and skin and eye color by using the left and right arrows on the right-hand menu. As you click through different options, your character preview will automatically update to reflect your choices. Having trouble settling on a look? There's also a random feature generator designed to select random attributes, so you can let chance decide.

There are five available playable races to chose from. Human, Zumi, Anuran, Ursun, or Halfkin.


Looking Good!

You can also preview the different classes wearing their high level armor. As you level up, your character will unlock more and more classes. Learn more about classes here: Class Guide.






Choosing A Class

Choose your character's class by clicking on the icons at the top of the menu. When creating a new character, the three available classes are Warrior, Magician, and Luminary. To learn more about them, you can visit the Classes section of this game guide. As you progress in the game, you'll unlock additional playable classes.

Warrior: Close range melee combat
Magician: Long range magical combat
Luminary: Mid range DPS combat


Choosing A Trait

Choose a main trait for your character by clicking on an icon. Each trait provides your character with certain bonuses and boosts. As you click different icons, an explanation appears in the text tooltip.