It's dangerous to go alone... you should join a guild! As a guild member, you'll benefit from a dedicated chat channel and a Guild Palace with access to special merchants and events. You'll even get a special emblem next to your character's name! It's also a great way to meet people in-game and makes it easy for you to group up on dungeon runs!

You can, of course, form your own guild with your friends. From guild level 5 you will then have access to the Twin Saga Guild Palace.

Twin Saga Guild Palace

Fountains in Guild Palace

Guild Info:

  • The founding fee is 10 gold.
  • You may found a guild once you reach Level 10.
  • A guild may have up to 95 members.
  • Guild names may be up to 16 characters long.
  • When your guild reaches Level 5, you gain access to your Guild Palace.

Guild Palace:

  • Hire special vendors and use them to spawn guild bosses, start buff parades, or buy special items.
  • Take guild treasure chests to your Guild Palace and open them with your guildmates.