Buying & Selling

Selling your loot

The Buyback Feature

Just in case you accidentally sell your favorite sword, every vendor in Eden Eternal has a special buyback feature! This allows you to re-purchase the items you most recently sold for exactly the same prices they were sold for. These items don't stick around forever, though, so don't use this feature as personal storage!

Sell It All!

"Junk" items, usually with white or grey names, have no purchase other than to be sold for spare change. They may not fetch a great price, but every little bit adds up and can help pay for the costs of your adventuring.

If you want to make it a bit easier to sell unwanted loot, select "Auto sell WHT and GRN gear" in your Backpack Manager. Once you do, you'll see a light blue "Sell All" button in each vendors' window. Clicking it will offload all your unwanted wares at once!




The Auction House

Let's say you just found a truly epic sword. But you prefer ranged characters and have no real use for it. You could sell it to an NPC for a few silver, but that seems like such a waste.

Some loot is too cool to sell to an NPC, and players would be willing to pay much more for it than an NPC ever would! Situations like this call for an auction. To find the Auction House, look for the auctioneer NPC in Aven and speak with them.

Buying At The Auction House

The Auction House main menu gives you a few options for finding an item you'd like to buy.



  • Category Filters: If you'd like to browse the available items, use the category filters to narrow your search based on the type of equipment you'd like to see. Subsections help further filter your results.
  • Rarity Filter: If you only want to consider extremely rare--or extremely cheap--items, sort using the Item Quality filter. Using it along with the category filter will refine your search even more.
  • Level/Class filter: Use this filter if you only want to see items that you can use or that a specific class can use.
  • Search: Of course, if you know exactly what you're looking for, the most direct way to find it is to use the search bar at the top of the screen. Keep in mind that any filters you've checked will still apply to your search results!

If you find an item you want, check the price in its description. If you're ready to buy, click Buy, and you'll receive the item via the in-game mail system!

Selling At The Auction House

To sell an item at the Auction House, select the Auction tab at the left of the auction window. A new screen will appear.

  • Drag and drop the item you'd like to sell into the Item for Sale slot.
  • Right underneath, set the price for the item.
  • The auctioneer will charge a tax on the transaction based on the item's price--hey, autioneers need to eat, too!

Beneath these tools is a list of any other items you have for sale in the Auction House. If you'd like to remove an unsold item from the list, select it and click the Remove button.