Guilds and Towns

A big part of the social aspect of Eden Eternal is joining a guild. Guilds give you easy access to other players to play and trade with, or ask for help.

Guild Features


Organize The Masses!

Organize a chain of command in the guild by giving different members different privileges and leadership roles. There's even a guild message board system to distribute news and keep everyone on the same page.

Recruit New Members!

Use the game's built-in recruitment system to advertise your guild. This allows you to quickly build a community without having to spam chat channels.

Create Your Symbol!

Upload your own 32x32 image to use as a custom guild logo!

Make Secret Plans!

Each guild gets its own chat channel that can only be used by other guild members.

Rise Above The Rest!

The game's built-in leader boards display all registered guilds; top-ranking guilds get not only bragging rights, but also some useful rewards.




Guild Towns

A truly exciting guild feature is the game's guild towns! Every guild receives a "home base" town from which to conduct its business and gather materials. To qualify for a town, a guild must have 30+ members who are all willing to work together and take the guild seriously.


Each town has five spots to erect buildings on. However, there are a host of possible buildings to create, so choose wisely! Guilds all receive a warehouse that all members can use for storage; the warehouse will get bigger as the guild levels up.

Guild leaders can also contract special merchants to sell incredibly rare, high-level equipment blueprints and more! Farmers and miners can be recruited to gather various crafting materials for you.