PvP Combat

There is no better way to test your mastery then to take on your friends and peers in player versus player combat!


The time for glory is at hand!

Eden Eternal offers several ways to get your fight on. Join a Territory War to try to conquer enemy lands--and steal the spoils--with a group of similarly plunder-minded teammates. PvP tournaments allow the opportunity to exorcise some demons by throwing-down with other players.

However, if your bloodthirst seeks a more exotic release, a Monster Battle could be just the thing. You'll spawn into the arena as one of Eden Eternal's most powerful boss monsters. Use the skills that've cut you down one too many times, then study your monster's strengths and weaknesses as you battle to the death with other players.



A duel is a friendly battle between players. There is no penalty for death, nor is there a reward for winning – other than gloating rights of course.

If you want to Duel a player, the steps are simple.

  • Click a character to bring up their character portrait.
  • Right-click their character portrait and select Due