Current Races

Though not every race has given birth to an Eternal Guardian, all races still perform vital roles in their world. Some races resent the Guardians, but this is a minority opinion. By and large, all residents are hard workers simply trying to make a life for themselves.


Before the rivers opened and filled the sea, the Torturran roamed the primeval valley. Ancient beyond measure, they are renowned for their accumulated knowledge in herb-lore, magic, and lost secrets. Though they have become the very symbol of good advice and intelligence, a cult has formed amongst them. The cult practices dark rituals, and while they are a minority, their notoriety is growing.






The Tuskar originated from the Central Continent like the Ursun. However, the similarity between the two races ends there. The Tuskars are not truly evil, but their fierce reputation and vicious nature have earned them little trust. Impulsive by nature, the average Tuskar often realizes his actions have consequences only after those consequences have begun.






The origins of the Drakai are unknown, and they revel in that mystery. Extremely social, they form tightly-knit family-like clusters regardless of blood relation. Beyond this, little else is known about them. Though largely of low intelligence, they have an inherent talent for magic, not only dabbling in necromancy and destruction, but glorifying them. The race is generally easily manipulated into performing evil acts for others.






Ogres spend much of their lives in battle, and much of the rest of their lives picking fleas and lice from each other's dry, cracked skin. They never turn down a fight, but prefer outright slaughter. They would like to rule the Central Continent, but are generally a bit too thick-headed to ever pull it off. Obviously, they believe the best things in life are colored red: blood, raw meat, strawberri