Melee Defense

Attack and Defend! This branch of classes is your front line in combat. Members of the tanks branch are heavily armored and come equipped with big, scary weapons. The Warrior and Knight classes can also cast distracting spells, aiming the target's attention away from weakened enemies.


Available at Character Creation

The Warrior is one of the first available classes in the game. Equipped with heavy armor and mighty axes, the warrior's sole objective is to finish the battle quickly and decisively, and with enough HP left to take on any remaining surprise enemies, if needed.

Warrior Class Skills


Icon Function Icon Function
Bloody Attack Angry Punch
Onrush Titan's Wall
Sense of Survival Metal Bluster
Intimidate Group Provoke

"You call that an attack? My grandmother could hit harder!"





Character Level: 25
Warrior Level: 20

The chivalrous Knight deftly executes swift sword strikes to overwhelm foes in single combat. Embodying great courage under pressure, Knights bravely dodge and block attacks. They view their immense fighting skills as a source of pride and accomplishment. Drawing on ancient magic, Knight can also cast a series of combat-boosting spells.

Knight Class Skills


Icon Function Icon Function
Maelstrom Judgment Storm
Magic Blockade Fearless
Knight's Breeze Focus
Elegant Asylum
Shield Counter    

"That's a hit, a palpable hit!"





Character Level: 60
Knight Level: 55
Cleric Level: 55

A third tank class relies on faith in the gods to sustain him in battle. Not only do these tanks possess near endless stamina, they also unleash magical holy hell on their surroundings, making them a danger to heavy tanks and squishy casters alike.

Templar Class Skills


Icon Function Icon Function
Healing Light Sacred Light
Decisive Shield Protective Light
Shield Bash Judgment Impact
Kingdom Come Lightning Wave
Light Shield    

"Bolstered by their noble belief in the holy, Templars call on the power of God to punish evil."




Dragon Knight

Character Level: 70
Completion of the Quest: "Awakening of the Drake's Soul"

Dragon knights are a melee ranged class that uses spears. Possessing different dragon souls, Dragon Knights are able to harness the abilities of different dragons and display a variety of powerful skills. Not only do Dragon Knights brandish spears that are able to assault and sweep aside any enemies, they can also cover themselves with impenetrable dragon scales, resisting any fatal attacks.

Dragon Knight Class Skills


Icon Function Icon Function
Reverse Scale Drake Tail Strike
Hellfire Dragon Devour Drake's Power
Drake Fang Ambush Drake Tail Slash
Flame Drake Mode Dark Drake Mode
Hidden Drake Mode    

"After making a pact with a fearsome dragon, Dragon Knights received their immortal powers. The Knights stand strong in the face of dangerous monsters, and visages intimidate all foes."