Healing & Support

Healing & Support classes in Eden Eternal wield powerful healing and boosting magic. Reach character level 5 and you'll unlock the Cleric, your first Healing class. The Healing/Support branch doesn't stop at repairing wounds, the Cleric, Bard and Shaman all excel at casting stat boosting spells, summoning natural creatures, even bringing other players back to life.


Character Level: 5

The Cleric casts a variety of healing and booster spells from a powerful law book. You won't find a more generous and compassionate class than the Cleric. Once tasked with the salvation of all the citizens of the land, the Cleric continues to watch over and protect those near him within the region's current tumultuous climate. Use the Cleric to heal party members and amplify stats and spells during battle.

Cleric Class Skills


Icon Function Icon Function
Sanction's Light Holy Smite
Light Blessing Grace of Wisdom
Life Cure Hard Truth
Purifying Wind Healing Radiance
Hammer of Discipline Divine Light

"Kiss it and make it better? I'm more a tough-love sort of Cleric. Brace yourself!"





Character Level: 20

You are most likely to find a Bard relaxing in the shade of tall oak tree, quietly composing poems and songs. Often Bards are also found at the center of boisterous social events, wooing the crowd with charming music and dance. Little known the to the people is the colorful Bard's excellent combat prowess. Using arcane musical spells and enchantments, the Bard suavely overwhelms the enemy with waves of power chords and fast-paced hypnotic music. The Bard's gregarious songs and sonnets also have healing and defense powers.

Bard Class Skills


Icon Function Icon Function
Vocal Bomb Burning Metal
Music of Life Demonic Symphony
Spirited Melody War Rhyme
Songs of Illusion Poem of Wind
Holy Concerto Musical Encouragement

"No! You can't read it until it's done! I have to find something that rhymes with orange..."





Character Level: 45
Cleric Level: 40

The Shaman is the most heavy-handed class of the Healing and Support branch. Mystical shamans expertly manipulate the elements of nature to rain torrents of damage upon the enemy. Disorient your enemies in a whirlwind of earth, nature and fire spells.

Shaman Class Skills


Icon Function Icon Function
Natural Punishment Rage of Lightning
Thorn Shield Marks of Wind
Earth Energy Drops of Heaven
Totem of Wrath Totem of Grace
Black Puma Callback

"It's not nice to fool someone who can incinerate your heart."





Character Level: 69
Completion of the Quest: "Test of the Sage"

Wielding large hammers, Sages are the holy apostles who control various aspects of the holy light. Not only able to use their magic for healing, Sages are able to survive on the forefronts of the battlefield with their various skills to support their allies and weaken the enemies. While Sages are exceptional healers, Sages are also well known to be supportive warriors who are the key to victory. With their knowledge of various holy skills, Sages help their teammates overcome difficulty by difficulty.

Sage Class Skills


Icon Function Icon Function
Hammer of Healing Hammer of Inspiration
Aura: Hammer Friend Aura: Raise Spirits
Aura: Protective Shield Aura: Invisibility
Aura: Singularity True Grit
Holy Blow

"A Sage will prove your most trustworthy ally on the battlefield. Sages can rescue teammates from certain death at critical moments."