Ranged DPS

Ranged DPS classes excel at combat from afar. Use a variety of powerful ranged weapons to take out enemies before they even know you're near. In Eden Eternal, the available Ranged DPS classes are the Hunter and Engineer.


Character Level: 10

Hunters live a solitary life, roaming the wilderness, usually passing the time by honing and perfecting their considerable long-distance combat skills. For companionship and the occasional battle partner, the hunter can summon a fierce tiger. The hunter's preferred weapon is his trusty bow and arrow.

Hunter Class Skills


Icon Function Icon Function
Chain Shot Piercing Wound
Painful Wound Anesthetic Pierce
Flash Bomb Wild Stimulation
Hunting Summon: Tiger
Beast Recovery Poison Arrow Rain

"He's just so cute and cuddly and obeys my every command. KILL!!"





Character Level: 30
Hunter Lever: 25

Engineers are masters of machinery and efficiency both in life and in combat. When not blueprinting intricate plans for new and improved armors and explosives, engineers can be found meticulously practicing and re-practicing their best battle moves. Utilize the power of advanced technology!

Engineer Class Skills


Icon Function Icon Function
Heavy Artillery Debug
Brain Wave Armor Repair
Oil Bomb Black Explosive
Slime Explosives Cyber Up
Missile Destruction Super Iron Man

"Let's see.. surely something around here needs to explode."





Character Level: 65
Martial Artist Level: 60
Hunter Lever: 60

In order to uphold justice, Rangers do not hesitate to stand against evil. Preferring solitude, Rangers have designed clear-cut shooting techniques in order to give the target no where to hide. When attacked by a group of enemies, rangers are able to quickly and keenly deal damage to many enemies by firing multiple shots. This is the way the Rangers uphold the path of the wanderer.

Ranger Class Skills


Icon Function Icon Function
Concussive Shot Serenity
Dodging Leap Meteor Shower
Charging Sniper's Heart
Bombard Arrow Fear
Eagle Pursuit Hunter Eagle  

"Rangers analyze enemies for weaknesses and openings, combining attacks to inflict the most possible damage."