Diamond Shop

1. How do I load diamonds in War2 Glory?

If you want to charge diamonds in the game, you must first open the Diamonds Shop. There are several possibilities for this.


  • On your account page, after logging into

  • The Homepage button in the forum, if you are logged into the forum.

  • The navigation bar when you are in the game.

  • In game in the Item Shop.

  • On the gamigo homepage under My gamigo, if you have logged in.

Make sure you are in the proper language.

Just select the package size you want to charge. You can select several different packages, Or use the plus button to add multiple packages of the same type.
Sometimes certain offers are available in the Diamond Shop, which are then specially marked in a different color.
For example, there is a special package for the original purchaser which is marked green as a "special" offer. This offer is only available once at the first purchase in the Diamond Shop.

After you have selected a package, you will now have various payment methods available. Offers that give you a bonus on diamonds are marked in red.

In order to make the next purchase more convenient, the last used payment method is stored and is then selected directly at the next purchase. Of course, you can switch the selected payment method again at any time via the "change" field.

After you have selected everything, you simply have to go "to the checkout" and then complete the purchase with the selected payment provider. Depending on the payment method, different information is then required.

Afterwards, the gold (depending on the chosen method of payment) is available within a few minutes in the game.

2. Charging Diamonds with Mobile Payments Choose in the Diamond Shop Mobile Payment.

You will see a selection of possible diamond packages to choose. After you have selected a diamond package you will be redirected where you can enter your handy number. After the input you receive a TAN by SMS, Which you have to enter in the diamond shop.

3. Charging the g account

To load diamonds using the g account, you must first have funds available on it. To do this, you must log in directly to the gamigo portal with your account data and go to "my gamigo". Under "my gamigo" you now select the sub-item "g-account" and there again the option "recharge g account". Now you select the amount of money you would like to charge on your g account and the appropriate payment method. Click on "Next" and close the transaction with the selected payment provider. Now you can select the g account as payment method in the Diamond Shop.

4. How to use vouchers

To use a voucher when purchasing diamonds, you must first go to the Diamonds Shop. Choose the desired diamond package and a payment method. Under the payment methods, you can now enter an existing voucher in the field "Voucher Code". Click on "Redeem voucher" to see if the voucher has been activated and the minimum order value has been reached. You will also be shown the minimum amount to be paid. Then go to "Checkout" to complete the payment. The diamonds should be available within a few minutes in the game depending on the payment method.