Difficulty Modes

Difficulty Mode Overview

When creating a character, you need to select a name, class, sex, and a profession for your character. You will also have to choose the difficulty setting for your gameplay experience. The modes are as follows:

Basic Mode

The Basic mode for any character in Shaiya. 

  • Level cap is 80
  • Able to use all items in Shaiya except Ultimate Mode Items
  • 7 stat points and 4 skill points per level


Ultimate Mode

The pinnacle of power is Ultimate Mode. This mode takes skill and patience.

WARNING: Characters who die in Ultimate Mode will be deleted if not resurrected within 3 minutes. This mode is only for those players looking for the ultimate challenge.

  • More experience is required to level up in Ultimate Mode than Basic Mode
  • Level cap is 80
  • 9 stat points and 5 skill points per level
  • Able to use all items in the game
  • Able to use some skills available only to Ultimate Mode characters
  • If your character dies, you only have 3 minutes to be resurrected or your character is deleted


Difficulty Mode Details

  Basic Mode Ultimate Mode
Level Cap 80 80
EXP Rate Normal Low
Guilds Full access Full access
Skills Basic skills Bonus skills
Stats per Level 7 9
Skill Points per Level 4 5
Equipment Cannot use Ultimate Mode gear Full access to gear