Please find below a list of the most frequently asked questions. We will update it from time to time depending on the game latest patches/modifications.

Q : I’M ENCOUNTERING RESOLUTION ISSUES PREVENTING ME FROM SELECTING A SERVER ONCE I ENTER THE GAME, WHAT SHOULD I DO? R : Please activate the “disable display scaling on high DPI settings” option (right click on “launcher.exe” in the game folder > properties > compatibility). That should do the trick!
Q : I’M ENCOUNTERING ANOTHER TECHNICAL ISSUE PREVENTING ME FROM PLAYING THE GAME! R : First relax, then please have a look at our community FAQ here, you’ll probably find your answer there.  If not, feel free to post on the forum, we’ll be happy to help!
Q : CAN I PLAY THIS GAME ON MAC? R : We officially only support windows, but some players managed it using either BootCamp or a virtual machine on OSX.
Q : CAN MY PC RUN TWIN SAGA? R : Check the System Requirements here:
Q : HOW DO I MAKE SURE TO TAKE A GOOD START? R : We strongly advise you to find a group to play with, and a good guild if possible. You can then try and level various classes up until you find the right one for you (nothing’s preventing you from playing them all of course)! We also recommend to try and gather as many Loyalty Points as possible, they’ll be very useful in your adventure. Getting our welcome package doesn’t hurt either ;)