Account Recovery


-IF YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THE ACCOUNT: it is very simple! Log in to the website and click on your profile. Click on "Edit profile", go to the "Account" tab to change email and password. You're done!

-IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR ACCOUNT ANYMORE: you can try to reset your old password. Please log out from the website and click on this link ( You are going to receive an email inviting you to create a new password.

-IF YOU DO NOT REMEMBER YOUR EMAIL: please send us a request and provide us following information, so we can verify ownership:
1. The name of the Aeria account.
2. The email address registered to the account.
3. When the account was created and in which country.
4. The email address which has been used to create the account
5. The characters which are available on the account (names, levels, and classes)
6. Details of a game cash purchase - please provide us with the screenshot of the payment confirmation which you received via email or provide us with the info regarding the last three transactions that have been made on the account - we require the type of transactions and the date
7. In-game screenshot which you have taken
8. Date of the last login

Please include any additional information you believe may be useful in verifying your account.