First Time Buyers Package Information

First time buyer package is gifted to any ACCOUNT who purchases an item from the itemshop with game cash for the very first time.

Please read all important notes below.

The FTB package will consist of the following:

  • 1 Day Premium Character Item
  • 30 Day Life Searcher
  • 30 Day Merchant Ticket
  • 30 Day Warehouse Ticket
  • 30 Day Amulet of Recovery
  • 30 Day Party Recall Ticket
  • 100x Greatest Healing Potions
  • 100x Greatest Mana Potions


  • You will only receive this package after you purchase a least one item directly from the Item Mall for the first time using Iris Cash/ Last Chaos Cash of any amount.
  • FTB package will be on the server you spend the IC on, so if you use a character transfer item, it will be on the original server. No exceptions, we will not move them.
  • You will only receive the FTB if you purchase your own IC. It will not be provided through Gift Vouchers, Cash Tokens, or Goodwill IC.
  • It can take up to 24 hours to receive your FTB, it can be found in the Gift tab of your in game shop.


  • These items are character bound. Meaning whichever character you remove them to from the Item Mall is where they will have to be used. No exceptions, we will not move them.