How to use the Cash Shop

1. How to purchase game cash

In order to purchase game cash you need to access the Cash-Shop. You’re able to log in with your game account data.
If you open the Item-Shop in game, then you can click on the button “recharge cash” and you will be directed to the cash-shop and you will already be logged in.

2. Purchasing Cash as First Time Buyer

If this is the first time you are purchasing game cash, the following page will be visible. If you purchased game cash already, you will not see the option in green.

  • Current Payment-Methods (preselected)
  • Click the tab over the top of the selections to choose Mobile Payment
  • Selection column is the package selection. The green marked package gives a special first time buyer bonus and will only be available for the first purchase.
  • Quantity column is the amount of game cash inside the package
  • Type of game cash (different games will have the name of their game cash)
  • Price of the cash package
  • Shopping Cart with total game cash amount and total price
  • Payment method: Preselected and saved from already done purchases (cached in the cookies). Can be changed anytime with the “change” button. The g-account can only be used, if you have a cash balance there.
  • Voucher field is to use for vouchers which you can get from time to time on the forums or via email. (See further explanation below about voucher usage)
  • Go to checkout to proceed with the purchase. You will need to enter different data which depends on the selected payment method. After completing the payment, the game cash will be added to your account for use in game.

3. Purchasing Cash as a returning Customer

When you go to the purchase page, you will notice that your previous section for how to pay is already selected. You can change this by clicking "Edit" before moving to checkout.

4. Purchasing with a game card

When purchasing game cash with a game card, you will be prompted to add the code found on the back of the card into a field in the popup.

5. Purchasing through Paypal

When you choose this option, you will be taken to a page off gamigo's site. You can either login or checkout as a guest while there.

6. Mobile Payment (Not all users will have this option)

If you switch to the mobile Payment you will get a different selection of game cash packages and prices.

You can chose between text- and cell phone payment. (Not all users will have this option)

If you select the text message payment, you will need to enter your phone number. Afterwards you will get a TAN per text message onto your cell phone.
After inserting your phone number and getting the TAN number via text message on your phone you now need to enter the TAN number in the field in the popup.
After that click on the green button and the purchase will be completed.

If you want to pay with a telephone call, please select the option. Afterwards you will be redirected to a page, where the telephone number will be shown, you need to call in order to complete the purchase. You will also need the given number below the telephone number.

After providing the needed information the purchase will be completed.

7. Charging Money on the g-account

In order to add money to your g-account and using it for purchasing game cash, you need to go to the gamigo portal.

Log into your gamigo or game account and click on "my gamigo" and select g-account.

Afterwards please select the option “charge g-account”. You will be redirected to another page. Depending on your payment method you need to enter different data. After that the money will be charged onto your g-account and you can use it to buy LastChaos-Cash in the Cash-Shop.
Select the amount of money you want to charge onto the g-account, select our payment method and click on “continue”.

8. How to use vouchers
A.) How to Redeem Cash Vouchers (no payment required)
This guide will walk you through using a cash voucher. These vouchers are sometimes sent in email, posted in the forum for events, or given as prizes.

  1. If you need to change the language, this is the button to use.
  2. Click My Gamigo to go to your games page.
  3. Click Redeem a Voucher. This will be where your code goes.
  4. Log back into the game and spend your Iris Cash again!

B.) How to redeem a cash discount voucher (payment required)

This guide will walk you through using a cash discount voucher. These vouchers are sometimes sent via email.

  1. Click My Gamigo in the tool bar. This will take you to your games page where the games you play at gamigo will be listed.
  2. Find Last Chaos NA banner in your list and click "Purchase game cash" at the bottom of the banner. This will open a new page.

This page will be where you will choose what it is you wish to purchase and use your voucher code.

  1. Choose the amount of the package you wish to purchase.
  2. Input your voucher code number.
  3. Click "Redeem now" and notice the amount you owe is lessened.
  4. Scroll down and choose your payment type and proceed as normal.

9. Bonus Cash without Voucher code
From time to time there will be a cash bonus sale. This is when you purchase a normal pack, and get extra game cash tacked on at the normal pack price.
It can be for all packs, or only selected packs. It can also be a flat across the board increase, or incremental by pack cost.
These types of bonuses are always noted on the purchase page with a button you can visibly see to confirm packs which have the bonus, such as below.

You will also see the increase in the bottom "Your Bonus" area.