How to contact a Team Member

From time to time and for various reasons, you may be required to contact a Team member. The link we will provide will give you access to all the Team Members for all the versions of Last Chaos, so you will be able to find one that will be able to assist you in whatever language you feel most comfortable in.

The [Team Members Page] is arranged by Groups (Product Managers, Community Managers, Moderators, Game Admins, Game Masters, etc.) for ease of use in finding who will best be suited for your issue or question. Beside the title of each Team member you will see letters in parentheses such as (es, en, pl, it, ru), these indicate the language(s) that particular team member can assist you in.

  • Moderators should be contacted if you need assistance on the forums. (Regarding forums rules, forum posting issues, etc.)
  • Game Admins or Game Masters should be contacted if you have questions or need assistance in the game. (Questions on how to use items, where to find items, event questions, etc.)
  • Community Managers should be contacted if your issue is delicate in nature. (Such as ticketing questions, account questions, etc.)

If the issue is beyond the basic scope of the aforementioned, please send a ticket via the [Support link] in any Team Members signature.

Once you have found the Team member you feel can best suit your needs, click their name in the list. To the right of their avatar and title you will see a button titled "Send private message", this will open a window to which you can explain your concern in private. You can even see some introductory information about the individual Team Members by visiting [the Team forum area] before sending them a message (please note that you will need to have certain languages enabled to view in your profile to see them all).

We look forward to helping you with any concerns that may arise.