Change your Account Email

Changing your email using the GaS Portal System.

1) Go to and login using your account username or email address and your current password.
2) Navigate to My Gamigo located in the banner under the gamigo logo.

3) Once in My Gamigo, go to Settings. This will open a window where you can input personal data, change your email address, change your login data, and opt in for the news to be sent. Go to Email Address and put in your new email address.

4) Fill out the new information and an email will be sent to confirm your changes. You must confirm this change via email or the changes will not take effect.
5) You cannot use an email already associated to another gamigo account. If you attempt this, you will get the following error:

6) If you cannot log into your account or your email to retrieve a forgot password link, please send a ticket to Customer Support.