Aura Kingdom FAQ

Q: What is Aura Kingdom?

A: Aura Kingdom is a completely free-to-play Anime MMORPG. It was developed by X-Legend and is being published in North America by Aeria Games. It features strong PvE elements, a uniquely detailed world, and an engaging, well-crafted story.

Q: Where can I download Aura Kingdom?

A: You may download Aura Kingdom from our website.

Q: Where can I find new player information on this game?

A: Currently the best places for information are the Forums and the Aura Kingdom DB!

Q: How many characters can I create on one account?

A: You can create 3 characters on one account per server. Additional characters creation slots can be purchased with loyalty points form the in-game item mall!

Q: What is the maximum level/level cap?

A: The maximum level in Aura Kingdom is currently 110 (SLvl10)!

Q: Is movement based on WASD or Click-to-Move?

A: Both! Players can choose whichever method they prefer, or use a combination of both.

Q: How many classes are there? And what are they?

A: Aura Kingdom has 15 different classes, each of which specializes in a distinct weapon type and features a unique play style. After you reach a certain point in the game you can unlock the ability to use a second class, allowing you to switch freely between the two as well as perform spectacular combo moves. More classes will be added over time!

Q: Is there PvP in this game?

A: Aura Kingdom features competitive PvP, most notably in the form of a 5v5 Arena. Coordinate with your team to dominate the opposition!

Q: Are there any pets?

A: They're more companions than pets. The game is filled with Eidolons who will aid you in your battles as well keep you company throughout your journey. You can click here to get more information about Eidolons.