Pride Information

Wolf Team Prides are vicious, brutally competitive units. Even when they’re on the same side, Pride scrums have been known to break out with wild savagery before they can be tamped down. Team up with your fellow Pride members and square off against other Prides in Pride Wars.

After the dust has settled, performance data will be saved to the battle page.

You can earn Pride Points by participating in Pride Wars. The more points your Pride accrues, the higher its rank.

Joining A Pride

When you click the Pride icon (right) it will take you to the Pride Introduction screen; click Pride Search to initiate the process of joining a Pride.

Finding a Pride
From the Pride Search window, you can choose either Name or Master from the drop-down menu.

If you search by Pride Name, you need to know at least 4 characters of the name in order to return any results. If you know the Call Sign of the Pride Master, you can search by that criterion instead. Once you have chosen a Pride from the list, click "GO" to proceed to the Pride Information screen.

Pride Application

The Pride Information displays Pride Ranking, number of members, Pride Mission progression, and Pride War history. This information can help with the decision as to whether or not this is the right Pride for you.

To join the Pride currently displayed in the Pride Information screen, click “REGISTER”. A confirmation window will appear. Click “OK” to confirm.

Pride Masters must approve all Pride applications. When a Pride Master approves or denies an application, a notice is sent to the applicant. If a player becomes impatient, they can choose to apply to another Pride and withdraw their current application.

Pride Masters might not accept all applicants, so do not become discouraged. There are countless Prides to choose from. Alternatively, you can create your own Pride.

Pride Creation

The Pride creation process is also initiated by clicking the Pride icon. Select the “CREATE PRIDE” button in the bottom-left corner of the screen to open the creation menu.


In order to create a Pride, you must be ranked Corporal or higher, and you must have 30,000 Gold. The Pride name must be between 4 and 12 characters, and cannot already be in use.

Note: Before creating a Pride, be sure to consider if you are willing to spend the Gold required. There is no way to close a Pride or refund the Gold, although you can always leave the Pride and designate a new Pride Master.

Pride Chain

As your Pride grows you can take advantage of bonus GP depending on how many members there are online at once. This is called a Pride Chain bonus.

There are tiered grades in the Chain. Moving up is easy: as each new member of the Pride logs onto the same channel, you will move along the line or up to the next grade. You receive different amounts of bonus GP depending on where you are in the Chain.

Note that moving to the channel selection screen will reset the connection status, putting you back at the bottom of the lowest grade when you rejoin.


When 36 or more Pride members are online at the same time, all connected members will receive 20% bonus GP regardless of their place in the Chain.