Getting Started

Installation and Login

Welcome to Wolf Team. You’ve inherited a great power, but in this battle you’d do well to remember that you’re still a cub. In this pack, I’m the Alpha dog. Before you get your ears wet, I’ll be giving you the rundown on how things work – so listen up!
First thing’s first: if you haven’t downloaded Wolf Team yet, you can find a list of mirror sites here:

Wolf Team Download Page

Logging In and the Territory Selection Screen

To get started, log in to your account through the integrated game launcher. Once you’ve entered your login information, click PLAY, and you’re ready to roar! You'll then be brought to the Territory Selection screen.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the game, you’re ready to begin playing!

Your Aeria Games account is required for login. If you haven’t registered a free Aeria account at the website, you can do so any time here. Remember, accounts and passwords are case-sensitive!

Territory Selection Screen

Once you’ve logged in and launched the game, you’ll see the Territory Selection screen. Territories are divided by region; selecting a region near you will help ensure that you're playing with people that have approximately the same ping level. Below are a few key points to note about this screen:

  1. There are 5 banners that display newly released guns, maps, events, and more. We recommend that you look through them to stay up to date on what’s going on.
  2. You can configure your option settings by clicking the gear icon at the upper-right portion of the screen.
  3. The power button icon will close the game completely and return you to Windows.
  4. When choosing a Territory that’s right for you, join the channel that best matches your location and gaming experience.

Call Sign

Your Call Sign must be between 4 and 12 characters.

The first time you select a Territory, you’ll be prompted to enter a Call Sign. This is your designation in-game, and will be attached to your account. Only one Call Sign is allowed per account, so be sure to choose one you like!

Game Lobby

Every Territory has its own Game Lobby. This is the central hub where you’ll find games to join or create your own, among other things.
  1. You can view your personal stats here. Your GP (experience) Bar, Gold (in-game currency), WC (Wolf Coins), and AP (Aeria Points) are displayed at the top of the screen.
  2. Selecting this button will display applicable GP bonuses for online Pride members.
  3. This is the navigation menu. Here you can navigate to the in-game Item Mall, Wolf Coin Shop, and Pride management page. You can also view your Inventory, Stats, Gift Box, and Option settings, send messages to your friends, link to the Web Item Mall, online forums, and events – or return to the previous page.
  4. This is the list of rooms available in your selected channel. You can select an existing room, Create your own room, or use the Quick Join feature to join a random room if you don’t want to comb through the rooms manually.
  5. This section displays the highlighted game room’s relevant information.
  6. This is the Chat Box, where you can chat with other players who are in the Game Lobby. You may be assigned to one of five sub-channels if any are full. You can switch to any sub-channel at any time.
  7. This displays the users that are in your specific Chat channel or Game Lobby.

In-Game Store

When you first enter Wolf Team, you are given 30,000 Gold to get you started with gear. You can purchase higher quality weapons from the Game Store. Be sure to check out the Armory for more information regarding items! You can also compare different weapons to better choose which best fits your playing style.

Store Categories

  • The NEW category features newly released gear, which can include guns, tattoos, character equipment, etc.
  • The ONE-A-DAY Shop features a special deal that can only be purchased within a 24 hour time frame.
  • The WEAPON category includes all machineguns, sub machineguns, handguns, and melee weapons; you can also search by specific weapon.
  • The POWER UP items category includes enhancement items such as Backpacks and Tattoos.
  • The CHARACTER category allows you to purchase unique characters with special attributes.
  • The CHARACTER EQUIPMENT category allows you to purchase custom stat-enhancing items for the unique characters you’ve acquired.
  • The EX-ITEM category features game-enhancing items, such as GP Plus, that can give you a competitive edge.
  • The SET ITEMS category features package deals that typically include some combination of EX-Items, Power Items, and weapons.

Gift System
Items in the Game Store can be gifted to other players. When you select an item in the Game Shop, it is displayed in the item preview window below along with the options to purchase or send as a Gift. Keep in mind that Gifting has a Rank requirement to prevent the abuse of starting Gold. Once you reach the requisite Rank, you are able to send Gifts freely. Be sure to check the Ranks page to see the GP requirements for each Rank.


The Inventory is where you can view items you currently possess, and set up weapon load-outs for in-game use.

Weapon Load-outs

  1. There are 4 load-outs available, as indicated by tabs on the left of the Inventory screen. You will see Standard, WP 1, WP 2, and WP 3. While the Standard load-out is restricted to items marked as basic equipment, WP 1, 2, 3 can be customized without limitation.
  2. The Inventory window on the right displays equipment categories. Here you can sort through equipment you currently own. Click the appropriate category tab to browse corresponding equipment. You can view by macro category, or drill down by sub-category. When you click on an item, its specs will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  3. The main Inventory window displays items in your possession that match your search criteria. Items that are currently equipped in one of your load-outs display an "Equipped" message in the item box.

Exchanging Weapons in a Given WP Load-out
To exchange a weapon, first click on the desired load-out tab, then double-click on a Primary, Secondary, Melee, or Throwing Weapon from your inventory list that you want to include. This will exchange that weapon for the one that previously occupied its corresponding slot in the load-out.

Remember that WP load-outs 1, 2, and 3 require WP (Weapon Points) to access in-game. You gain WP in each match by killing your opponents and completing certain objectives depending on the game mode. There are also items available in the Item Shop such as Tattoos and Backpacks that help you accumulate WP faster. Keep this in mind if you have a weapon load-out that requires a lot of WP to use.

Game Room


Once you’ve created or joined a game from the Game Lobby, you enter the Game Room. Each game has two teams: Red and Blue. The Game Room screen displays who is on which team. You can change teams by clicking the switch icon (located between the Red and Blue team emblems, represented by left and right arrows), provided the other team has room for another player.


Info Panels and Actions
The Game Room also provides access to a variety of information, without you having to leave the room:

  • User Info: Current rank and game progress
  • Weapon Info: Weapon load-outs and their WP requirements
  • Invite: Opens a list of players that you can invite to join the Game Room
  • Observe: When checked, you will enter the game in observation mode, without controlling a character (Note that Observation Mode must be enabled in the Game Room settings)
  • Game Settings: The room master can change the settings before a game begins