Welcome to Wolf Team, Soldier!

This guide is designed to give you an overview of the game so you can understand the basics and quickly get started playing.

If you're familiar with FPS games, Wolf Team will have a large number of features that you have already encountered. It conforms to most FPS standards (movements, controls, etc), with a few fun surprises that this guide will explain in more detail. There is also content for those new to FPS games, walking through the controls, game modes, weapons, and various other game aspects.

In order to make navigation simple, we've compiled a summary of the guide so you can jump to the sections that are relevant to you.

Guide to the Guide:

Wolf Team is free to download and free to play. This section has all the information you’ll need to create an Aeria account (if you don't already have one), download the game, and install it. You will also find information about selecting your Territory, choosing a Call Sign, and getting yourself geared up and ready to play.
Wolf Team features two different player models: Werewolves and Humans. Here you’ll learn about the mechanics of transforming between them. You’ll also find details about the various Wolf Forms, and their specific abilities.
Once you’re ready to enter the game and get your claws dirty, this section will be a big help. It details the weapons system, interface, and game controls.
There are several different modes of gameplay. This section describes the parameters of each one. Some modes allow for free transformation, while others are strictly Humans vs. Wolves. Different modes also have different objectives, which are described here as well.
Here you’ll find information regarding equipment, such as weapons and enhancement items (i.e. Backpacks and Tattoos). This information is also available in-game when accessing the Item Shop – but we’ve condensed it here for your convenience.
Looking to be at the top of the dogpile? This is a comprehensive list of player rankings, as well as how many Growth Points (GP) are required to attain each rank.
In Wolf Team, players have the opportunity to create or join clans called Prides. Participating in a Pride opens more opportunities, such as Pride Battles, missions, and a Pride-specific messenger. Pride members also gain bonuses when other members are online, based on their place in the Hierarchy.