Game Cash Tokens

These items will be available in the Item Shop. They can be traded player to player, sold via Merchant Mode and put into Merchant Mart.

These are what the tokens look like as well as the Game Cash value and redemption fees for them.

 Ace of Diamonds - Value 1 Cash - No fee to redeem
 Ace of Hearts - Value 10 Cash - 5% fee per stack (max fee 30) to redeem
 Ace of Spades - Value 100 Cash - 2.5% fee per stack (max fee 200) to redeem.
 Ace of Clubs - Value 1000 Cash - 1% fee per stack (max fee 1000) to redeem

How to Redeem:
Get the token(s) into the Mysterious Statue to redeem. Here is how:

  1. You need to register them in Merchant Roy or Merchant Siban and quickly cancel the trade. Please note, we are not responsible if someone else buys the item and you lose it. See "Things you should know" below for more information.
  2. Once the item is in the Mysterious Statue, do NOT remove it. It will be removed by the system and your Game Cash added automatically into your total (less the fee, see information above) once the system runs its update.

Things you should know:

  • Trading cash tokens in-game to other players is a premium feature.
  • Every time you redeem a token for real cash, you stress our back end.
  • To offer the best performance and experience, we will charge a little fee (Explained above, near images of tokens) for redeeming the token.
  • To save transaction fees, we strongly recommend keeping the tokens in your inventory or account stash until you need the cash to buy an item. Stacks can be up to 9999 tokens.
  • We are redeeming tokens every 15 minutes, although, we may adjust the intervals based on usage statistics and load if needed. (We will always try to provide fastest possible conversion.)
  • Changes in the intervals will be announced at least one full redemption interval before the change is done.
  • We may suspend the automatic conversion in case of urgent technical issues.
  • Based on the number of tokens in mysterious statue, the conversion process may take a few minutes.
  • Only tokens that had been added to mysterious statue latest 5 minutes before redemption run will be converted. Tokens added later will be converted with the next run. This is a security measure to prevent accidental redemption of tokens that you just have bought from another player through the trade agent, giving you at least 5 minutes to take them to your inventory and prevent them from being converted to cash again right away (which would cost you a fee).
  • During conversion process the tokens will be deleted from mysterious statue and the cash is added to your game account instantly. You can check your balance in the Item Shop any time. You will not be notified. Please just watch your balance. Please be aware that the displayed balance is not updated while the Item Mall is opened. You need to close and reopen the window to see the change in balance.
  • Tokens accidentally sold to NPC or tokens accidentally deleted can only be recovered upon individual request.
  • For manual recovery we will charge a fixed fee of 100 cash +10% of the token value per each successfully recovered stack of tokens.
  • Tokens accidentally sold to other players (for example for a wrong price in personal shop because of a typo) are none of our business. You need to contact the other player and settle the dispute yourself.