In this guide, we will explain how to find your screenshot folder and post a screenshot.

How do I take a Screenshot?

The easiest way is to press the "Print Screen" Button on your keyboard:
(LC Window Activated)

Where do I find the Screenshot?

The Screenshot will be saved to your Screenshot Directory automatically.
By Default this Directory can be found here:

You can get there by pressing "Windows + R" and entering the Directory,
or you can open your Windows Explorer ("Windows + E") and move to the Directory manually.

Sometimes the screenshot does not auto save into this folder for unknown reasons. In this case, you will need to use the Print Screen button, then open an imaging program (such as Gimp, Photoshop, MS Paint, etc.) and paste your image into a "New" blank image form. To paste, you will need to use Ctrl + V on your keyboard.

Important! Do not alter or crop your screenshot in any way if you plan to use it as a report of any sort. We cannot accept altered or incomplete screenshots as proof of anything.

How do I upload the Screenshot?
in Order to post a Screenshot, you will have to upload it to a Website of your choice: (Registration required) (no Registration required) (no Registration required) (no Registration required)

Other Programs which might interest you:
Lightshot - Instantly take and upload images directly in the program.
Greenshot - Use in conjunction with Flickr, Photobucket, Dropbox, and Google.
ShareX - Screenshotting tool with Paint built in for editing.

How do I post a Screenshot on the forums?

There are 2 different ways, that you can post a Screenshot.

As an embedded picture, there will be a preview of the picture and you will not need to click on a link to see it.
[img][ /img]


As a linked picture, you will have to click on a link to see the picture.
put the link of the picture here


As a link picture with a correct name.
Put the name of the Picture here

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