Dragon’s Prophet Community Guidelines

Unite with the Community, Become one with the Dragons

Thanks for signing up to be part of the community. Dragon’s Prophet is an MMORPG set in a modern fantasy world inhabited by countless dragons.

Much like your first steps into the world of Auratia, your first steps on the community forum should be a fantastic experience. The gamigo AG is passionate about Dragon’s Prophet and its community.

These guidelines are designed to help you get the most out of your time here.

Dragon’s Prophet is a Community Oriented Game

  • With many opportunities to make new friends, forge alliances and engage in group frontier PvP, Dragon’s Prophet presents the perfect environment to interact with fellow MMORPG players.
  • We expect members of the community to treat each other how they wish to be treated; with kindness and respect.
  • We strive for a sociable and open environment where everybody has the freedom to express their opinion and everybody is treated equally.
  • Social networks, blogs and video platforms are the perfect place to share our enthusiasm for the game. Please do not abuse them.

We Review Reported Forum Posts


When a forum post is reported by another user, the gamigo community team will read the post to review whether or not it goes against our Terms of Use. If we remove your post after reviewing it, you should take our warning notification seriously. Please try to see it from the perspective of the Dragon’s Prophet community, and read this forum thread once more if you need to re-familiarize yourself with our community guidelines.


Simple, Easy to Follow Rules

  • Don’t post abusive content.
  • Everybody hates spam. Please don’t harm the spirit of the community and try to grab attention with pointless or repetitive posts, comments and private messages.
  • gamigo AG believes in free speech and our community team defends the right for everyone to express their opinions. However, hateful or abusive language is never allowed (posts which may attack an individual based on race, gender, age, nationality, disability, religion or sexual orientation/gender identity).
  • We have a zero tolerance approach to invasion of privacy, threats or harassment. If you are caught doing these things you may be permanently banned from the Dragon’s Prophet forums.
  • Please do not break the law applicable in your country of residence under any circumstances. Refer to our Terms of Service if you are in doubt.
  • We won’t accept advertisements by or for other games on the Dragon's Prophet forum.
  • Please do not directly quote or post a screenshot of a support ticket on the forum. To protect privacy, such posts my be subject to removal by the community team.


Here are some additional guidelines to help you on your Dragon’s Prophet journey:

  • This is your community! Each and every user of Dragon’s Prophet makes the game what it is, so don't be afraid to make new friends, engage on social media and get involved!
  • Express Yourself. We value feedback when it is constructive and respectful. Leave your comments, like your favorite YouTube videos and Facebook posts or even write detailed posts about game mechanics on our forum – there’s lots of ways you can participate.
  • Be responsible for others. Just like the hundreds of types of dragons that roam the lands of Auratia, the Dragon’s Prophet community is a diverse populous with players with all kinds of different interests, characters and backgrounds. Please be responsible for others, support your friends and support your community.
  • Have fun with Dragon’s Prophet. There's a lot of creative people in the community creating fansites, blogs and video content – perhaps it could even be you! Share your brilliance with us and don’t be afraid to reach out for feedback or support.

Respect the spirit of the dragons, respect the spirit of the community.