Rules for Dragon’s Prophet

§1 Names

Abusive, racist, extremist, vulgar, and/or raffish names (e.g. of players, characters, guilds and dragons) or other negative names, are strictly forbidden. Please refrain from creating names with senseless character-constellations.


If you were asked from a member of the Dragon’s Prophet Team to change your name, you have to change your name.

§2 Code of Conduct

Our community is characterized as friendly, so be always friendly and kind to other players. Insulting, threatening and blackmailing other players is forbidden. Please refrain from inappropriate or suggestive remarks.


If you think a player is not playing fair, please report him to a GameMaster. You have to prove your claim (e.g. screenshot), so that we can better understand what exactly happened. An insult is always something personal and has not always to be a real insult. Please instruct your teammates to be friendly and point out that insulting comments are not allowed.


The GMs reserve the right to take serious insult claims only, which happen in the game and will sanction them. Other sectors and channels of communication that are not operated by us do not fall into the competence of the Game Masters. Please refrain from so-called denunciation threads on the forum.

§3 Beginners/Novices

Please do not make fun of new players and beginners, just because they do not have great experience. Do not mess around with beginners. Everyone has since been a beginner. Help the new players and who knows, maybe you will find new friends for life.

§4 Pulling/Bullying to death

Pulling monsters to push them to other players is forbidden.

§5 In Game Chat

Please do not spam the chat with your messages. It is not allowed to send a lot of messages in a short distance to the world, regions and local chat. The use of code is only allowed to prettify chat messages. Any misuse is forbidden and will be punished.


Also it is forbidden, to post links or hints that have nothing to do with Dragon's Prophet, as well as links to other games. It is forbidden to ask for cheats or to ask other players for software to cheat.

§6 Kill Stealing (KS)

„First Hit“ is rule. We see kill stealing (ks) as a violation. We do not tolerate such behaviour and punish also massive knock of monsters of other players. The Dragons‘ Prophet team will take action against such behaviour.

§7 Trade

The in game trade, between two parties within Dragon’s Prophet, takes part at own risk. We do not refund lost transactions.

§8 Bugs

If you find a bug, exploit it and have possibly an advantage, you risk banning of your account. Bugs have to be reported!

§9 PvP

It is not allowed to jump to the opponent’s spawn platform on the „Groll Canyon Battlefield“, or to pull out the opponent players out of the spawn platform to kill them directly after spawning.


It is forbidden to register or participate with several characters in the same period of PvP tournaments. It is not allowed to play against your own twink or twinks of friends or guild members or specially to let someone win a game to gain increase in the ranking.


If you believe that someone of your co-players is not playing fair, please notify the support. You have to prove your claim (screenshot / video) so that we can understand better what happened.


It is strictly forbidden to attack other players in the Egg Circle Cave on sky island B19. The rest of the island is still an open PvP area.

§10 Instances

It is not allowed to use bugs to move through walls, or skills and glitches to reduce the way through dungeons and other shortcuts for instances. It is forbidden to bypass game mechanics. Trespassing of closed areas is not allowed.

§11 AFK Skilling / Keyjammen

AFK skilling / gaming / keyjamming is forbidden. AFK skilling means to use a tool (key fixing / sticking / complaining and so on) to skill the own character without being on the computer. Also it is forbidden to perform AFK actions (movements of the character) to gain an advantage and which is repeated several times.


Only exception is the AFK standing in the circle of eggs to keep his egg intact. Other players can care of your egg, while you are AFK.

§12 Cheating

Manipulation of the client is strictly forbidden. The benefits of illegal software (like bots) or scripts which for / during operation(s) is used on Dragon's Prophet, but not from the gamigo AG, is also forbidden. Equally the distribution of such software to other players is forbidden. Who is caught cheating will lose his account.

§12a Multi-Accounting

Each user may only open and use one account. The opening of several accounts for the same Game by the same User (so-called “Multiaccounts”) is prohibited. This is an essential contractual duty and a breach hereof shall entitle gamigo to the immediate termination of all accounts of the User without notice.

§13 Account Data

Each player has to keep his account data secret. It is not allowed to ask for the account data of other players. The Dragon's Prophet Team will never ask for your account data or your password. In the disclosure of account information there will be no replacement for lost items / characters or accounts.

§14 Game Masters Help

Game Masters are not allowed to give other players items, money or anything else. They will not hold anything for you, not help in leveling up and will not spawn any monsters for you. You should not ask Game Masters to trade with you, not invite them into a group or guild or invite to your friends list. Exceptions may be made at an event!


It is strictly forbidden to disturb a Game Master in the performance of his duties, this includes the attack of a Game Master character. It is forbidden to give intentionally false or misleading information. Direct communication with the Game Masters take place exclusively via in game chat or private message board. It is not allowed for a Game Master to appear in clan-, public-, guilds- or similar- TeamSpeak. Same ruling on other voice or chat programs.

§15 Assumption of Authority

Who impersonates as a Game Admin, Game Master, Moderator or an employee of gamigo or Infernum, or who goes online with similar names or other actions, must count with an immediate ban of his account. It is also forbidden to threaten a contact or to claim that one can influence a decision of the Dragon's Prophet Team.

§16 Measures

Depending on the severity of the offense following actions will be performed:

  • Friendly Note to follow the rules
  • Warning to follow the rules
  • Banning the account (temporarily)
  • Banning Accounts (permanently)
  • Order to stay away from gamigo

§16a Special Measures

If the Dragon's Prophet Team gets a hint for a suspicable offense, the Dragon's Prophet Team reserves the right to temporarily block the account for the duration of the review.


If a Game Master speaks to you, you have to answer. You have to obey the instructions and decisions of the Dragon's Prophet Team. If a player tries to pass over a decision already taken by a Game Master or Mod, for example by contacting a different Game Master / Host with the same case, this will lead automatically to disqualification (exception: complaints about Game Master / presenters and their approach, are always at to be sent to Game Admin / Community Manager or Support!)


The Dragon's Prophet Team is there to help you and to make the game more beautiful.

Violations of these rules will be punished by the Game Master. So please turn to the Game Master, if there is a case of violation.


Note: Please understand that we need to examine your reports objectively. As the involved "party" the evidence seems always clear. Nevertheless, usually the concerned person sees himself always as a victim. But we have to get a general idea of the situation and check the violation. Sometimes the inspection is clear, but sometimes it is not have to be so bad, as concerned.


We reserve the right to change these rules, if necessary. Other rules of conduct can be found in the General Terms and Conditions (GTC). These rules do not replace the Terms and Conditions or the Community Guidelines of Dragon’s Prophet, but complement only.