Common Launcher Fixes

Launcher Fixes

Are you experiencing any trouble with your launcher?

If you have a problem with your game during launch or if your launcher is not working, please try these steps before creating a thread.

1. Run as administrator. Always run a patch as administrator.

2. Check your antivirus/anti-malware software. These may interfere with the game, or mark files as viruses. Always make sure they are disabled or set to allow Fiesta files when you run Fiesta. You can check if any files have been deleted by opening your antivirus software.

3. Windows updates. If your computer's windows is not up to date or has outstanding updates, please update it.

4. Repair tool - Always run this as administrator and go back at least 5 patches from the current version (The current version is the largest number on the list). You may need to run this several times. There is a guide for this here: [Guide] Fiesta Repair Tool 2.0 (the only thing that’s different is that the repair tool comes pre-installed now).

5. Graphic Drivers - It is possible that you may need to update your graphic drivers or downgrade them. Check the version you are using and get drivers from your computer's graphic card provider's webpage.

6. .NET framework 3.5 - run the .NET framework 3.5 installer to see if it is installed and/or set up correctly.

7. DirectX - Please make sure you have a current version of DirectX installed to play Fiesta.

8. Reinstall into a different game folder: This sounds unimportant, but please try to reinstall the game to another game folder, even if the original folder was completely removed from the system! Just change the suggested name of the game folder from the installation window.

9. Restart your computer/router/modem - Some errors are associated with these.

If none of this work, please create a thread under the Technical Support sub forums.