In game issues

Launcher Errors


Unable to complete/turn in quests


Need help in downloading?

Do not use steam! Download from our homepage:


Can't start Fiesta downloader/have issue installing

Restart the installer and make sure you run it as administrator.


FPS Issues

Disable your in game graphic options. It seems like many people experience FPS drop in Lucky House. We are investigating this issue.


Is opening your in-game map crashing your game? HELP! MY FRAMES HAVE BEEN DROPPING!!HELP! MY FRAMES HAVE BEEN DROPPING!!

Try disabling the ""Name change tag"" in your game settings.


Missing skill animations

Missing skill animations: Change game settings for "character effects"


Missing purchased SC items?

Apart from buy SC get items packages, SC items are usually received almost instantly. Send a ticket after a day has passed. Ticket support usually replies in 2-5 working days. If you do not get a reply after 2 weeks, PM [CM]Veralya. Missing SC that has been charged? Check your bank as they may have marked Gamigo as a possible threat. If that is not the case, please contact ticket support.


ID Blocked issues?

Send a ticket


Display resolution issues

Try disconnecting your second screen. (This issue tends to be from incorrect input from your graphics card as well).


Mouse not showing issues

Try playing in Fullscreen mode.


Constant disconnect

We are working on this and it has been fixed for most people, but if you get it please send more information via a ticket so we can investigate:

The more information the better.
• Server Name
• Map Name
• Character Name
• Server Date and Time
• More information about the conditions:
• What were you doing in the game prior to the issue?
              (Examples: opening inventory/storage, putting on an item, attacking a mob, etc.)
• How long was your current play session?
• How often were you disconnected during that time?
• What kind of issue/disconnect was it?
         (If you were able to see what happened on the screen, how did it stop working and discontinue?   Did you get an error message? Was the client shut down completely?)
• Were you the only one experiencing this issue or issues in general?
(If not, see if you can find out what other players experienced and add it to your report)
• Was your PC doing anything else when the issue occurred?
(Were you surfing on the web, streaming a video, installing other software, recording your screen, etc.)
• If you can reproduce the error, or of you have the time to do it, take a picture of the issue or the experience, or a video if a picture does not show what happened


How To Redeem Voucher Codes

You have a voucher code for Fiesta Online or for one of our other games and don't know where to redeem it? Then you've come to the right place! Follow these easy steps to get your goods:
1) Open the gamigo homepage with this link:
2) Log in using your username and corresponding password.
3) Click on the button "my gamigo"
4) On the following screen, you should see a list of the games you play at gamigo. You should see Fiesta Online already; if not, just scroll through the complete list. Click on "Redeem a voucher".
5) Once you have clicked the button, a new window will open in which you can enter your voucher code:
Please make sure that the code is entered exactly as you received it!
We wish you loads of fun with your new gear!


Item Token & Cash Token Feature!

Please refer to this guidance: