Getting Started

Ready to begin exploring the world of Azuria?

Before stepping into the world at large, first familiarize yourself with the tools at your disposal! Knowing how to use these tools will not only help you find rare and valuable treasure, but will make navigating the perilous lands of Azuria far easier!

Each tool has a purpose so make sure you take a minute to read through them!


Accessing the Tools

Highlighted below are several tools available in the world of Azuria. Click on the sections to jump to their categories below!

Mini-Map and More

The Mini-Map is not only essential for helping you find your way around the word of Azuria, but will also display important information of the immediate surroundings. Important NPCs, boss monsters, and other points of interest will be displayed for you to find and hostile monsters will be shown so you can avoid them!

You can also choose to view other maps of the world of Azuria from the map window, and navigate to almost anywhere in the world with the click of a button. When auto-pathing to areas around the map, your path will be displayed on the map, showing you exactly where you're moving to and how you're going to get there.

Quest Listings

All quests are updated and added to the quest tracker on the right side of your screen. A full quest list including completed and available quests can be found on the quest window. Checking these quests can help guide you to the next important location, monster or NPC needed to advance the quest so you can reap the rewards!

Completing quests not only grants you rewards such as experience and items, but advances your story in the land of Azuria. Some quests are also essential in unlocking access to your Eidolons or sub-class weaponry! Don't miss any quests or you might miss out on important parts of the game!

Achievement Hunter

The world of Azuria has several challenges and achievements available to the willing adventurer, some are just harder to find than others. If you happen upon a special achievement, it will be included here for you to look over.

Special achievements grant special titles with stat bonuses but require more searching and attention to detail to complete them than most quests. Some achievements can be completed multiple times but only give the titles once.

Auto-Potion System

In the heat of combat it can get pretty difficult to keep an eye on your health. With the auto-potion system you can set certain potions to be used by your character and at what health percentage they should use those potions.

Simply drag potions from your inventory or hotkey bar to the auto-potion window in the upper left and set the percentage of health at which your character should start automatically using potions. Going against weaker monsters? Set the percentage low as to not lose potions. Going against tough boss monsters? Set the percentage high to start spamming potions earlier and not risk getting knocked out by a lucky critical!

Monster Details and Loot

When out in the field hunting, you can target monsters and get some good info about them before charging into battle. Not only can you see whether they are hostile and will attack you on sight, but you can also learn about their health and level. This will let you know how much of a challenge they will be for you and whether you might need a friend to help.

Also available is a drop down loot list, displaying what treasures the monster is likely to drop once defeated. If you're looking for a particular piece of equipment to finish your set or just want something valuable to sell on the market, take a peek at the loot list of every monster you come across!

Monster Hunting for Fun and Profit

Certain monsters can be defeated and are automatically 'captured' and are displayed as a bag in a cart pulled behind your character. Once you have captured them, be sure to take them to the nearest bounty master for a reward!

Be careful while hunting though as these beasts can be quite powerful and if you are killed while escorting your prize back to the bounty master, they will escape back into the wild!